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Dec 29, 2000 09:44 AM

Indian buffets in Jackson Heights

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Are there any decent Indian buffets left in Jackson Hts. or anywhere else worth the trip?

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    Jen Fredrickson

    I've heard that Jackson diner hasn't been good in years. But many neighborhood people seem to still like New Delhi and Ashoka. While the quality of buffets is usualy subpar, there is the advantage of trying many different dishes in one meal.

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    1. re: Jen Fredrickson
      david sprague

      jackson diner has gone downhill in recent times, but there are a couple worth checking out: Indian Taj on 74th is very good--excellent if you're a carnivore, good-ish if you abstain from meat--with a nice little chat bar with appetizer goodies in addition to the main buffet. the new minar, likewise on 74th, has a nice buffet as well, with more variety than most, and more tendency to change dishes from day to day.

      1. re: david sprague

        Many thanks. There is a new Minar restaurant in Manhattan do you know if it's under the same ownership?

        1. re: Paul Brown

          Trust me - YES there are! 2 of the best are Indian Taj (the cheaper option) and Delhi Palace (still not even that much more expensive). Both on 74th street a few doors down from Jackson Diner - which has always been overrated and over-priced.

          1. re: jhgrl

            I recently went to Delhi Palace for their lunch buffet and was terribly disappointed. Everything tasted so bland (and I don't mean just a lack of heat, I mean lack of flavor), even the basmati rice (couldn't taste or see any spices). The tandoori chicken looked lovely, nice color and size, and was cooked well, but had absolutely no flavor. In some of the dishes, I remember the distinct taste of salt, and I don't remember that as the first flavor I noticed in any Indian food I've ever had before...very strange! And the naan...I love naan, and it's one of the things I look forward the most to when I have Indian food, and their naan was thin, no fluffiness, and again, bland; it was more like pita. The poori had a sour/bitter aftertaste. I did enjoy two dishes, the chicken makhanwala (creamy tomato sauce; surprisingly flavorful relative to everything else), and an okra dish (forgot the name). I've read so many positive things about this place on here, which is why I chose it over Jackson Diner, that I really wanted to like it. Perhaps I just went on an off day? I think I'll give Indian Taj a try next and then Jackson Diner.

    2. Are these near the 7 train? Also what hours are they - lunch or dinner, weekdays/weekends?


      1. well, things have changed a bit since january of 2001, when i originally posted this -- minar, for instance, has been out of business for years -- but there are still some options. indian taj is still going strong and still, in my opinion, a really underrated option. no, it's not incredible, not worth a long subway ride, but as a local, i'm happy to have it as a buffet option. new ashoka on 37th avenue reopened a while back with a buffet option, and it's worth checking out -- since it's decently priced -- for its veggie options. bit into a seriously undercooked piece of tandoori chicken there a couple visits back, so i haven't been sampling the meat of late