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Dec 28, 2000 08:48 PM

Jackson Heights Latin American

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I need some serious help. Tomorrow I'm going to Jackson Heights with some friends, and I'm the planner. I need to know the MOST superb restaurants for any kind of Latin American, preferably Peruvian, Colombian, Ecuadorian or Venzeuelan. Can you please help? Thanks!
P.S. Please include addresses!

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  1. Most of the really excellent Latin American places are east of Jackson Heights, in Corona. In Jackson Heights I would mainly recommend Inti Raymi, on 37th Ave. between 86th and 87th (I'm pretty sure; you should check that on and Pio Pio, on Northern Blvd. between 84th and 85th (ditto) -- note that Pio Pio serves only one dish, rotisserie chicken, which is very very good. If you can make it over to Corona be sure to visit La Gota Fria, on Junction Blvd. 2 blocks south of Roosevelt. They are not very consistent but I have always had good luck there for dinner on weekends.

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    1. re: Jeremy Osner

      Corona? What's there? And I'm a vegeterian.

      1. re: Scarlett

        Oh my. If you're a vegetarian, you're looking for the wrong cusine.

        If you're a chicken-eating vegetarian (?!?) I'd highly recommend Pio Pio.

        1. re: Seth Ditchik

          I know, it's a problem. But I have to go to restaurants for a school project, so I have no choice. Any advice for arepas or tamales?

          1. re: Scarlett

            It's doubtful you'd find a tamale in any authentic place that's not made with lard.

        2. re: Scarlett

          Hmm... no reason to go to Corona then. Pretty much in agreement with Seth's advice below, at least as regards Peruvian, Colombian, Ecuadorian and Venzeuelan cuisines -- OTOH I'm pretty sure there were some vegetarian dishes on the menu at La Flor, a Mexican restaurant in Woodside. Can anyone verify this? (Christopher?)

          1. re: Jeremy Osner

            The often-inspired chef, Pico, at La Flor has a steady menu of steak, shrimp, chicken, Mexican dishes, etc. I do not believe there are any vegetarian dishes, but I am sure he might conjure one up. When he is not there, don't expect the others in the kitchen to bend the rules. He usually prepares pretty nice salads with fresh greens to complement his entrees.

            1. re: Mike

              La Flor has wonderful vegetarian dishes: Vegetable
              quesadilla, mushroom strudel (a delicious appetizer),
              polenta lasagna (layers of vegetables and cheese).
              Also salads, e.g., a chick pea and spinach salad.
              Also, some pizzas, but they're not as good as their other dishes.
              An astonishingly good-for-the-price restaurant,
              with superb desserts, too -- try the Mexican Cake.

      2. Sorry this will probably come in too late to help you, but I had a fabulous meal at La Pequena Colombia last night. My landlord is Colombian and took me there last night for a fantastically tasty Trucha Marinada. Seemingly, a marinated, baked, sliced open trout with oodles of shrimp, squid etc. in a buttery, cilantro-laced sauce. Quite worth going back for. Standard but nice sangria as well.

        I'll say it loud and say it proud--I have the best landlord ever!



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        1. re: Kat Kinsman

          Thanks for the tip! The place is a (long) block from my house - I don't think I would have taken the time to consider it if you hadn't mentioned that they do great fish. I would check it out tonight, except that we've designated tonight as Yak night. (When I do make it, I'll have to watch my Sangria intake, lest I start having bizarre, warm feelings toward my LL.)

          1. re: Helen

            Could someone tell me the closest Subway stop? I am going to assume its the 7 train

            1. re: Phil Pace

              The 82nd St. stop on the 7 train.