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Dec 12, 2000 02:49 PM

Panettone ?-Arthur Avenue Baking. Co.

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A friend used to bring excellent panettone from what I believed was the Arthur Avenue Baking Company several years ago.... however, I was there today and they do not recall such a product. In fact I checked all of the bakeries on Arthur Avenue and could not find any freshly made panettone. (only the prepackaged boxed kind) Does anyone remember if this existed at one time? It came in a plastic bag, and it is quite possible it was from another bakery on Arthur Avenue. Madonia bakery said they made it from scratch last year so this could have been it.

The more important question is where can I find the most delicious freshly made panettone?

PS I have tried Bruno's and it doesn't quite match up to the one I remember from Arthur Avenue.

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