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Dec 11, 2000 02:10 PM

Boerum Hill Food Co., Indian on Court & Atlantic

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Took a walk down Court yesterday evening and two restaurants piqued my interest.
Anyone have any comments about the Indian Restaurant on Court right near Atlantic or The Boerum Hill Food Co. (I think that's the name) on Smith?

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  1. I think there was a short thread dealing with this place some time ago, so you may want to look that up. But I'll happily give my opinion: STAY THE HECK AWAY. I went there with a large group, so a fair number of dishes were sampled. Dishes ranged from mediocore to gross, and everything was swimming in bright yellow grease. The only positive was the service; we all felt guilty hating the food because the guy running things was so nice.

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      I was involved in the previous thread about this restaurant. I am also reminded of a thread about Layla in Park Slope--to wit: sometimes you just feel so comfortable at a restaurant that you are happy to order the couple dishes you like best, and ignore any problems with the rest of the menu.

      During the 10 years I lived in Cobble Hill, I went to India House many, many times. Early on we decided that some things weren't to our taste, and stopped ordering them. We focused instead on certain dishes we found we liked: aloo paratha, goat roti, tandori chicken and pori. I think these dishes are pretty good. I notice that (except the pori) they are all baked, which means they will not be swimming in oil.

      Maybe its just a version of comfort food, but I like these dishes, the welcome is warm, you can bring wine, and $20 for two lets you leave a big tip. What's not to like?

    2. Oh, sure, I order dinner from Boerum Hill Food Co. a lot. They're a very happy addition to the neighborhood.

      In particular, I heartily endorse: the thanksgiving turkey sandwich; the roasted vegetable and goat cheese sandwich; the mixed green salad with blue cheese, pecans, and dried cranberries; the butternut squash soup; the lentil salad; the polenta with roasted tomato sauce; the chicken with polenta and salsa verde; and hadele's messy apple pie. My only disappointment has been the savory crepes, whose fillings didn't quite come together.

      Most dishes come with a soft, airy buttermilk biscuit on the side. Breakfasts are also a winner-- the cinnamon toast is particularly seductive. Good coffee too, from Peet's.

      One caveat: it's a combination cafe/takeout joint, and sometimes the marriage is awkward. The takeout food is all made to order, and while it's very fresh, the wait can be sort of long, and the counter people can be a little... distracted. So I would recommend ordering ahead or having your food delivered.

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      1. re: Jodi Kantor
        David Edelstein

        I agree, alas, with my esteemed colleague Jodi Kantor. Boerum Hill Food Co. is a wonderful joint with fresh, imaginative fare, and it could easily be a big draw (especially at brunch) in the 'hood. But eating there can be confusing and exasperating. (Some places should post a long list of instructions--or Brechtian exhortations--at the door.)

        Does anyone know if an expansion is contemplated? The people in charge deserve a broader canvas, and the customers deserve a comfy place to savor this food.