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Dec 4, 2000 11:48 PM

Wonderful Personal Account of DiFara's Pizza

  • j

Check out this great article about Difara's (no, not just 'cuz he hyped this site) at link below.

By the way, conventional wisdom has changed. I used to suggest avoiding weekends, because the crowds can make for a looong wait. But if you're gonna order dishes, not just pizza, only on weekends do the good chefs reliably cook. So go, and wait. It's worth it. Off-hours (like 3-5) are best if you're impatient.

Of course, Mr. DeMarco's pizza is sublime during the week, as well.

Ok, now read this link:


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  1. for those who don't know, DiFara's Pizza is located in brooklyn at 1424 Ave J @ E15th St 258-1367 and it's a national treasure

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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Amanda Plyley

      I'd also like to mention how ridiculously easy it is to get to via subway. (D train to Ave. J, walk out of the station, make a left, it's directly in front of you on the corner.) Many posts have talked about driving and parking nightmares, so I haven't been tempted to go (since I don't have car!). However, I finally made the trip last night and it was well worth the (pretty brief) subway ride and wait. It was pretty dead in there on a Tuesday evening. Pizza-induced euphoria even in the face of a bitterly cold and windy night! I anticipate full-on cravings to ensue.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Will be staying in midtown in mid-April and want to get to diFara's. Doable by subway? If so, can someone share directions? Also will be in Glen Rock, NJ for a night with car--also possible to drive--which is easier/better? Thanks.

        1. re: berkleybabe

          subway: D train to Avenue J, walk out of station, make a left, it's directly in front of you.

          driving: brooklyn battery tunnel to propsect expressway to end, dumps you on Ocean Parkway. Turn left on Ave J, proceed to #1424 on the right.

          dig around this board for other great places nearby. in fact, these directions were also there for the digging up (happy to help, though!).

          please let us know how you make out!


      2. j
        Jessica Shatan

        Love the article!
        Love how as he tries each new thing, he leaves behind a trail of once-loved now inedible food.
        Thanks, Jim.

        1. I'm not so sure I agree about the weekend thing. I've had the same great spaghetti marinara or with artichokes during the week lately... and some good fish, too.

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          1. re: Cathy

   MIGHT find heaven on a weekday (if one of the two good chefs happens to be on). But it's only guaranteed on weekends (when one of them is ALWAYS on).

            The pizza, however, is heavenly every second of every day, guaranteed.

            I've never been there on a fish day. What's it like?