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Dec 3, 2000 11:58 AM

Tibetan Yak - Yes!!

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We finally made it in to JH to Tibetan Yak on Friday evening. My only regret is that it was just the two of us; had the kids been able to join us, we could have sampled even more dishes! I heartily echo everyone else on this board who says this place deserves our support.
And I noticed, right across the street, a Korean place we had tried one night on the way home from La Guardia (and I had forgotten where it was). The name is Silbi House. I remember that I ordered a seafood pancake that was sublime; crisp, fresh, the size of a dinner plate, and I had to fight off my husband, a notorious pancake hater, from eating half of it! Anyone else have any experience there??

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    1. re: Peter Cuce

      Hey Jim did you tell Eric Asimov about this place or is talk circulating among the more mainstream food world these days about it? Either way it's great that such a unique restaurant will hopefully get some more business from the National NYTimes exposure. I just hope the quality doesn't slip by the time I get there.


      (Jim,sorry about the prior misplacement of this post on the Manhattan board, such is the price of posting
      while at work with severely minimized windows and fingers resting on the alt-tab keys at all times)

      1. re: Frank

        yeah, I clued Eric in (and I'm awfully glad he liked it so much, because 1. they deserve praise in my opinion, and 2. they haven't found their audience yet), but he surely would have noticed it very soon anyway, since it's located right near that major subway station, and a Tibetan place in this nabe--diverse though it is--sticks out very conspicuously! I thought his write-up was especially well done.

        "I just hope the quality doesn't slip by the time I get there"

        Don't worry. The danger, long-term, is more that it'll close from lack of attention than that it'll suffer from crowding. I'm not sure the NY Times can draw the crowds in Queens that it can in Manhattan, and this place needs a long-term clientele from the nabe in addition to one-time comuter clientele from Manhattan. Hope I'm wrong; we shall see. As always with fave restaurants: use 'em or lose 'em! Get out there and chow down!

        Any other reviewers out there who'd like to tell their readers about a great restaurant--and help ensure its survival!--are urged to check it out as well (again, there probably won't be a huge "Times Effect" crush). There are tons of Post/News/Newsday readers in this part of Queens, and an increasing number of Village Voiceish residents.


        1. re: Jim Leff

          So the NY Times review explains the variety of of people I saw there Sunday night. I live right around the corner and have been walking the balance between waiting until the kitchen settles down and not wanting to miss out if they don't catch on. (For example, I missed the Korean place the Yak replaced.)

          Jim's mentioning of a large group of Nepalese Sherpas in Queens is interesting. My only prior taste of Tibet is the place in the high 30s on 3rd Avenue in Manhattan so my "Tibetan experience" is limited to just a half dozen or so meals.

          Seeing people I don't usually notice in my 'hood in the place: at first I thought they might be sympathizers to the Dali Lama or born again Buddists. I don't know how much difference it makes to know that they were probably foodies brought in by the NY Times review.

          But as someone said herein, the concern is mostly that someplace different might slip away if it doesn't get used.



    2. Finally went to Tibetan Yak yesterday, ordering takeout for a long trip back to Wash. Heights. The hand-pulled noodle soup with radish and tough-but-flavorful beef was wonderful. My guess is that the meatless dishes are out of this world. The service was ultra-friendly, and they took such care packing the soup that it held up beautifully even after the hour+ travel home. (Grabbed a chicken tamale at Roosevelt at the E to stave off hunger). Will take a crowd next time.