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Nov 23, 2000 02:08 AM

Sunday Brunch options in Forest Hills (or Kew Gardens)?

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I would like several good brunch suggestions to choose from for this Sunday in Forest Hills or Kew Gardens. Any suggestions? Please give me some information about the food and priverange. Thanks


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  1. Go to the Network atmosphere and great food.

    It is on 72nd ave off of austin street. I eat lunch there every day.

    Also, Q, a thai bistro is now open for lunch, they might have a brunch, food is great...gourmet california style thai..I would call them and ask...beautiful atmosphere..It is on Ascan Ave off austin st.

    Let us know what you decide...

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    1. re: Steve

      Thanks for the ideas Steve.

      I have passed Network cafe many times, but don't know much about it. It is Yugoslavian or something, right? They Have brunch? I don't think Q has brunch, and Thai wasn't what I had in mind.


      We wound up doing Sunday Brunch at Mardis Gras (the Cajon restaurant)on Austin Street. We went a few minutes after they opened (noon). There were 3 couples on the ground floor, but we were seated on the top floor (by the window) alone. It was pretty cozy, and the lighting and music helped set a nice atmosphere. The staff was very nice and attentive.

      They started us with a plate of begnets (sp?) which were good, and a nice touch. They were basically better shaped zeppolis, powdered sugar included, and had a nice texture. They only serve them as part of brunch. Their mixed grill was good, which was eggs, skirt steak, sharise (sausage), and home fries. They really should include toast. I ordered coffee, which was good, but didn't order any of their alcoholic brunch beverages.

      Both steaks were overcooked a shade, but not so much that we didn't enjoy them.

      All in all, it was a pleasant brunch experience.

      It's funny, but after reading Kitchen Confidential, I couldn't quite get myself to order a seafood Sunday brunch item. :)


      1. re: Jayask
        eric landsman

        jayask - steve forwarded a copy of your report on to us thru city search. we always appreciate hearing unvarnished opinions of our restaurants. we also own and operate cabana on 70th rd.

        by the way, you should have no fear of the seafood specials. i have read kitchen confidential and understand your concerns. i got quite a few laughs out the book but also took some of it to heart. our seafood company makes deliveries on the weekends and our chef is very good at ordering the correct amounts.

        we don't make "leftover stew" for our brunch specials. everything is as fresh on a sunday as it is on a thursday or friday.

        i did laugh out loud when i caught the reference though.

        any way, thanks for the kind words and feel free to drop me a note any time.

        1. re: eric landsman

          Wow Eric, great to know that someone from the restaurant is listening. :)