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Nov 19, 2000 06:47 PM

Blah Blah in Park Slope Closing

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I just found out that the Blah Blah (12th Street off 7th Avenue in Park Slope) is closing in early December. From previous conversations with the owner, Cosmo Lee, I knew he was thinking of giving it up.

A couple of months ago he sent a newsletter out asking how he could reinvent his restaurant to increase revenue and said he was thinking of shutting it down. Obviously he didn't get any suggestions that appealed to him.

In fact, I did think about his request a little (but did not respond for a variety of reasons), and I couldn't really think of any solid suggestions. I thought he had a pretty nifty little place there and I'm sorry to see it go.

Also, that spot he is in seems to be a consistent loser. It is zoned for a restaurant, has a liquor license, all that, but no one seems to have been able to make a profit over the years, although each place that has tried has garnered good reviews in general.

Now I'm curious what others who live in Park Slope might think about: (a) the Blah Blah closing, and (b) what Cosmo might have done to reinvent the place.

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  1. I don't live in Park Slope, but my ex-girlfriend (still a close friend of mine) does, and both of us enjoy Blah Blah. I think it has a good combination of somewhat interesting, well-cooked food at moderate prices in a comfortable lounge, with the added imaginative touch of having a recording that plays in the bathroom only when the door is closed. I really don't know what the owner could do differently. If he hired a chef who made more polished cuisine, he'd undoubtedly have to increase his prices so much he'd price out most of his clientele. I don't know; maybe he should hire a mime or something. :-)

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      Are you saying mime is money?

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        I think he meant to say that mime is toney. And, as everyone knows, flime ties...

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          Good one, Paz! :-)