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Nov 18, 2000 11:33 PM

Queens bakery for choc cakes

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Need a contribution to a Thanksgiving dessert. I've been doing La Marjolaine and have been satisfied. But would really like to know locals who are doing most subtle chocolate cakes.

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  1. Try the v.good cakes from Bonelle Bakery (next door to Nick's Pizzeria) on Ascan Avenue in Forest Hills, right off of Austin Street. They have all different kinds, but not the standard smaltzy bakery stuff. I really like their Opera cake which is mocha based. Not cheap but not expensive for the product. Also Andres Hungarian Bakery on Queens Blvd (near Knish Knosh) on the SOuth side of QUeens Blvd not far from where the Trylon theatre used to be is well known for chocolate cakes like the Sacher Torte.
    Good luck.

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      Thanks, Lisa, for the suggestions. I'll try them both.
      I've looked in the Andres Hungarian window a couple of times, but was probably full from spinach knish and Dr. Brown's Diet Black Cherry.