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Nov 16, 2000 04:30 PM

What's the best Chinese in Queens?

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I'd love to hear everyone's opinions.

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  1. The best Chinese food that I have had in Queens was at Sweet-N-Tart. I think when it comes to quality of food, service, price, variety of dishes, and atmosphere, it can't be beat. Make sure you try there Bubble drinks(specifically there Bubble Black tea), they're the best I have ever tasted. Unfortunately, I have heard that their other branches are not as good.

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    1. re: Harsha

      Sweet n Tart Absolutely. Remember in this situation one may go beyond "Chinese" and specify Shanghaian, Taiwanese, Fujien, Cantonese, etc, all in Flushing. Lai Food (Taiwanese) has wonderful dishes. Joe's Shanghai has splendid crab-meat dumplings and little else of note. There are 2 Buddhist vegetarian places which are great once, but you soon realize the enormous saturated ersatz substitutes used fill you up too quickly.

      1. re: Harsha

        The Flushing Sweet n' Tart is good, but the Sweet n' Tart at 20 Mott in Chinatown is easily its equal, if not better.

        1. re: Pepper

          FWIW, I strongly disagree; I think the Queens place is a lot better. But vive la difference of opinion...

          1. re: Jim Leff
            Lisa Antinore

            One more vote for the Flushing branch. I think everything, including the service, is better.

            A few weeks ago they introduced a new menu, posted on the walls, with lots of interesting dishes (especially the noodles with eggplant and the stuffed bamboo pith) If you dine there enough the amazingly sweet hostesses will give you a VIP card which entitles you to 10% off your entire check each time you visit. shhhhh! I LOVE Sweet n' Tart!

            Danny is a fabulous waiter who hails from Malaysia who seems to know every nuance of Hong Kong style food. His reccommendations are always first-rate. The sauteed beef with dough (sliced zeppole-like crullers that are often seen dipped into congee)and the sugarsnaps with shrimp are two dishes that always please even our least adventurous of friends. He knows my fiance has this weird world monument collection hobby (don't even ask....)and he had his friend send us a replica of the huge towers in Malaysia. Such a doll! Ask for him.

            As much as I love Sweet n Tart I have to tell you that my favorite dish in d/t Flushing is actually at a slimy hole in the wall, SUN YOUNG SPRING, next to the library. I've posted about it before eons ago and I'm always amazed that there arent lines of Chowhound/resses queued around the block. The beef with hot pepper soup absolutley, positively BEGUILES me. The stock is so rich and flavorful, the jalepeno slices so perfectly julienned, the thick noodles so whatever thick noodles are supposed to be. Nothing like its ubiquitous counterpart on so many Chinese menus. I have this soup once a week in the winter and I always bring my ninety year old grandma a serving. She swears it's what's been keeping her going these last few years...."cleans the germs out...," she swears.

            Try it!

      2. I looked for the Queens Sweet n Tart Cafe yesterday. A notice a while back on Chowhound indicated it was across the street from the restaurant formerly known as Jade Palace on 38th Ave. My efforts were to no avail. Can anyone help? Incidentally, we wound up having a good lunch at Pho on Prince and 38th Ave.

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        1. re: budcar11

          I've been to Pho twice. Is it just me, or does it seem like their soups are excessively fatty compared to other Vietnamese pho places? I've been underwhelmed by them. I prefer the place on Grand St. between Christie and Bowery in Manhattan that I go to sometimes.

          1. re: Michael

            Dear Michael,
            I should have qualified my message to the extent that I'm referring to the seafood pho which is on a par with anything I've tasted in Elmhurst, Arlington,Va, or Washington,DC, the places where I've tasted this wonderful creation. To reecho my earlier query, "Can anyone give me the address of the Sweet n Tart Cafe in Queens?"

            1. re: budcar11

     to the rescue:

              Sweet N Tart Cafe of Flushing
              13613 38th Avenue
              Flushing, NY 11354
              (718) 661-3380

              1. re: Michael

                One source of confusion is that the sign over Sweet -n- Tart reads Tong Shui. The S-N-T is noted in small letters on the wall of the building, to the left of the door.
                Don't let all of this disuade you. We went on Saturday night and had a great meal: BBQ eel, beef and eggplant, Chinese sausage over rice.

                1. re: eric r.

                  Eric, Thanks a lot. budcar

                  1. re: budcar

                    By all means do not overlook the seaweed and assorted dumplings with lo mein in broth.

                2. re: Michael

                  Thanks, oodles. bud

                  1. re: budcar11

                    You're very welcome. Now, I've gotta find that place and go there! :-)