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After posting about the virtues of Kalio recently I decided to take a group of friends there this past Saturday. I'm very glad that I did; we had an outstanding meal. I had three cheeses to start, which I'm still dreaming about: Grafton cheddar, Mont St. Francis (wonderfully pungeant), and a slightly sweet sheep's milk cheese (unfortunately can't remember the name), served with pine nuts and dried fruit that complemented perfectly. My entree was a whole roasted brook trout stuffed with spinach and served over sauteed wild mushrooms and blue potatoes. The mushrooms and potatoes needed better seasoning (too much salt and not much else), but the fish and spinach were out of this world in terms of both flavor and quality. I tried bits of some other dishes as well, which were likewise excellent: penne with asparagus, sundried tomato, and pumpkinseed pesto, and the Long Island bouillabaise, which was full of some of the largest, freshest shrimp that I've had in some time. As a side, we ordered the blue cheese polenta pie, which was rich and well-flavored, although the texture was a bit too dry. All of this plus the Querciaville chianti classico left us too stuffed for dessert, as usual, but we staggered out very, very happy.

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  1. Thanks for this detailed review. I'm planning to take my mom there for her birthday this week. We're going with my 12-year-old sister. Anyone have recommendations from the Kalio menu for picky (yet sophisticated) pre-teen eaters who don't eat fish or red meat? Thanks!