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Nov 12, 2000 08:04 PM

Tibetan Yak revisited

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Tonight we went as a group of 7 to Tibetan Yak (Roosevelt Avenue & 72nd St in Jackson Heights). For the first time we had both meat and vegetarian momo (dumplings) both fried and steamed. One would be at a loss to say which types were better. The vegetable momo had a luscious delicate potato carrot puree stuffing. Lamb curry had the type of sauce and seasoning that surpasses all the Indian places nearby (this is a Nepali dish). Sliced beef with garlic and hot pepper emanated a tasty mellow heat amidst the warmth of the garlic. A Chinese-type steamed bread had a tinge of turmeric and was fine for sopping up the lamb curry sauce. Home-made noodles in soup with beef and scallions was backed by a genuine and deceptively simple broth. Cellophane noodles with tree ears and beef was a bit wet this time but good. The potato and spinach dish had pre-fried potatoes finished with bits of spinach and tomato: the potatoes could have been cooked or parboiled a bit more. It was merely good, whereas the nutty-flavored basmati rice proved more suitable as an accompaniment.
We tried the two desserts: one cavatelli-like noodle was dusted with cheese, sugar and spices. Nice and al dente. A rice was served with excellent homemade yogurt and raisins.
Seeing what happened to Bo, one hopes that such deft, genuine and delicious cooking will be appreciated by all. May they prosper!

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  1. The potatoes with spinach dish sounds TOTALLY different from what I had...which was beyond luscious!

    Please try it again another day. I wouldn't want anyone to miss enjoying this dish the way I had it last week. One of the best things I've eaten in a long time.