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Nov 10, 2000 07:55 AM


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The absolute best Thai food is at Erawan, 42-31 Bell Blvd. Bayside. This is the owner's 8th Thai restaurant - 7 in NY and one in Jerusalem. Everyone I have taken there has been enthralled with the food.

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  1. I found the food was okay, the service needed help, one hand did not know what the other was doing. It was good when I'm looking for something close and trendy.

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    1. re: Bruce

      I have to agree with Bruce - it's a pleasant place if you're in the area, not a destination when you're seeking out of the ordinary Thai food. It's a big stretch to assert that it's the best in NY. (Thank you fellow Hounds, for turning me on to Sripraphai.)

      That said, the dishes they offer are nicely prepared and some are quite good. (Or, per Jim's request to use it as an adverb - you can eat chowhoundily there.) Their papaya salad is excellent, and a lot hotter than I would have expected a place in Bayside to serve it. (Tells me they haven't completely stooped to pandering to the locals.) I've developed a weakness for their Gai Yang (bbq chicken,) which tastes as though it's been through a smoker in addition to grilling, and also seems to have interacted with some curry before and perhaps during cooking. Very very yummy. The Pad Thai is nice, but even better is a very good noodle dish I've had a couple of times and am blanking on the name. (I'm seeing wide rice noodles, a brownish sauce, pieces of pork & some Chinese broccoli.)

      Bottom line: worth a try if you're near Northern & Bell & Need Noodles Now.

      1. re: Helen

        Helen: Just for the record: Jim wants chowhound used as a *verb*, as in, to chowhound. I said that I hate adverbs. Glad that's settled! pat

        1. re: Helen

          SOunds like you are talking about the noodle dish called Pad See Yew (it sounds like that anyway regardless of spelling) I love that dish, it can be very smoky/sweet flavored and the texture of the noodles is just amazing.

          There used to be a restaurant called Singapore Sally's on the upper westside near the children's musuem that served a fine rendition of it. I think that the Bendix Diner people owned Singapore Sally's - their version is good but not quite what memory serves Sally's was.

          1. re: Lisa

            Does anyone know a recipe for Phad See Yew?

            1. re: Jessica

              A Google search for "Pad See Ew" will net many hits. I've linked one below.