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Nov 4, 2000 05:46 PM

Staten Island German

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I've been to a few German places in NY and Killmeyers is one the best. Lately two Staten Islanders have recommended a place called Schaffers and said it was even better. I think it is on Victory Blvd. Any info is appreciated.

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  1. don't know it...but it's hard to imagine anything better than Killmeyer's! doesn't list anything similarly named; hopefully someone local will chime in.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Killmayers and Schaeffer's don't compete in the same league at all. Schaeffer's is more like a corner tavern
      with decent bar food (some of it German). Killmayers is much more of a production. Which one you choose depends more on what you're going out for. --Ken

      1. re: Ken K

        Ok, thanks for posting, Ken; that's good to know.

        But I'm focusing on the word "decent" in your message. Killmeyer's cooking is so overridingly delicious that there may, after all, be reason to prefer the apple over the orange in this case!

    2. Schaffer's (as I remember it - it's been at least
      two years) is a quaint German bar-type place.
      The Viesbeer (I don't know how to spell it but
      it's that pale wheat beer they serve with a piece
      of lemon in it) is fabulous and the
      meals I remember are pretty simple - just really
      good wursts and sandwiches made with high
      quality ingredients and served with pride.
      It's was nice eatery a couple of years back
      so why not take a chance?

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        i AM SO HAPPY TO SEE si GETTING ATTENTION ON THESE BOARDS!!! I beleve Schaffers is on the corner of Victory and Jewett but I will confirm and repost - may take like a week though - newver eaten there, it does look very charming in a bavarian way....

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          Neal Terminal

          I haven't ate at Schaeffers (Victory Blvd. & Bradley Ave.), but they have an incredible beer selection. Plenty of good Pilseners and obscure heavy ales. Definitely worth checking out.
          Also, down Victory Blvd. a few blocks, there's a small row of Jewish stores, with a religious supply store, a Kosher take out & a Kosher pizzeria. The pizzeria has GREAT, if pricy falafel.

          1. I've eaten at schaeffer's once about two years ago. I was driving by and I stopped there on a whim. As I remember, the only thing German about it was the beer and the building. The food, basically sandwiches, is similar to what you would get at a Katz's-type deli; more American than German.

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            1. re: S.

              Went to Killmeyer's again tonight. This place is so damned good, I'm not sure we need to even hope for better. So I'm not all that disappointed to hear about Schaeffer's, actually.