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Nov 2, 2000 10:30 PM

looking for the best restaurant in Staten Island

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Recently my friend and I "accidentally" had a fantastic dinner at Roberto in The Bronx. The buffalo mozzarella was 10 out of 10.
Next time we would like to have a wonderful meal in the Staten Island, Italian or something authentic, any recommendation?

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  1. The Parsonage is supposed to be top notch.
    I've not been there myself but have heard
    excellent comments on it.

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    1. re: christina z

      Parsonage is ok...not worth the money.
      Aesop's Table is the best on the Island.
      But for my money I would go to Noodle Pudding
      in Brooklyn Height's. I rave about it every chance I get.

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      I have yet to find an all-around excellent "authentic" italian restaurant on Staten Island. There are a million italian restaurants on the island and yet I have yet to hit a fabulous one. The closest I have come to a good italian restaurant is "Boca" on Hylan boulevard. It is upscale italian and I like it for two reasons - 1) the best wine list I have yet to encounter on staten island 2) the grilled calamari appetizer which is so yummy - its got a perfectly flavored marinade.

      I have convoonced myself that everyone who is really italian simply shops at the excellent salumerias and makes their own food because other than a dish here or there no place has it all.

      The aforementioned Aesops Tables is highly over-rated (and over-priced) in my opinion - it just gets a lot of press because it is the only place like it on the island but if it was in Manhattan I am convinced it would not get any hype.

      Go get some pizza at Lee's Tavern (see below on this board) if you want excellent authentic italian SI food - that stuff is good.

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        Have you tried Fontana (I think that's the name)
        on Amboy Road near the high school? I went
        there once for a group meal after a christening
        and found the food to be top notch. Usually
        food ordered from the regular menu in the
        restaurant is better than the food restaurants
        serve to their big group bookings so you might
        want to give it a try.

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          Try Ruddy and Dean on Richmond Terr. (Excelent view of Manhattan) chef is from Gramercy Tavern.
          it's very, very good and should not be missed.

          for italian food on SI there is only Trattoria Romana. That's it. nothing else. and even that isn't amazing.

        2. OK, I'm picking up this thread too little, too late, but I do have some opinions for good SI eats. So what do you mean by "best?" Do you mean fancy? Or do you mean good food? If it's the latter, try the Cargo Cafe, on Bay St. right by the Ferry, for a decent dinner of quite above average bar food (and good bartenders and jukebox); for brick oven pizza, I'm quite attached to Cafe Luna on Hylan Blvd. (closer to Old Town Rd., I think). They make a nice crispy pie served on a hot pizza stone with rosemary-scented ham, gorgonzola, artichoke hearts and a little sage, I think. The decor is strictly Sopranos-esque formica with mauve and teal accents, but good food, decent desserts. There's also a decent Hong Kong-style Chinese food restaurant right by St. Joseph Hill HS--if I remember the name of the street, I'll let you know.

          I'm going to an old favorite on Easter Sunday, the Lake Cafe in Clove Lakes Park. It's a pretty, cottage-like restaurant with fireplaces and balconies you can eat on in nice weather, right on the lake. The food is very straight-forward, heavy on the veal chops and roast chicken, but they turn out some delicious stuff. I've also been going by Cafe Iguana (terrible name, terrible decor) on the corner of Clove and Victory (closed Mondays)...believe it or not, but the food is pretty good...the chef tries to get kind of fancy with the standard red-sauce Italian American pastas, so you get some interesting pasta/veggie/sauce combinations. I've had some great homemade red pepper ravioli there, and some lovely shrimp dishes. Worth a shot. Just don't go on Karoake night--I kid you not!

          Good luck.