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Nov 1, 2000 05:05 PM

Bay Ridge Eats

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Was wondering if anyone had suggestions for nice dining in Bay Ridge. Have tried Embers, Pearl Room, 101, Aero, and Samm's. Also has anyone been to the new Casa Calamari on 86th street apparently the chef from Rocco's is there now.

Let me know. Thanks.

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  1. If you like contemporary (read American) try Chadwick's on 89th and 3rd to me excellent food (steaks, chops, and fish are all good)

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    1. re: MC

      If you like Italian New Corners on 70th St & 8th Ave, is another excellent choice

      1. re: mc

        Compared to Tuscany Grill, New Corners is pretty pitiful. Tuscany Grill is on a whole different level! New Corners is maybe ok for some kind of nostalgia trip...

    2. We had an AMAZING meal at Tuscany Grill recently. Pork tenderloin with balasamic-glazed grapes... and the best grilled tuna I've ever had. It blew everyone away.

      1. have you tried soup as art on 84th and 3rd. 16 soups, pastas, wraps, salads, juices and smoothies. very resonable, will be in the daily news tomorrow. I`m the owner and would like to hear your feedback.(Jim, I ID myself so I hope you let this stick, like the guy from sotto voce.)

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          Yes, I have eaten at Soup as Art. I used to live closer to the restaurant. Now I live further away and don't go there as often. But it is a great restaurant for winter time when soup is pretty much my favorite food. I was more enquiring about a little bit "fancier" restaurants. Yours is more of a funky cafe atmosphere.

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            ok,valid, definitly not a table cloth rest. but casa calamari was very dissapointig, hard to say who is doing good interesting food, perhaps tuscany grill or did you mention that already, I wish we would get that smith st. thing going on. thanks.