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Nov 1, 2000 06:42 AM

Kalia on Court Street

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Kalia - has anyone been there? Is it new? I have not noticed it before. It is on Court, somewhere in the vicinity of DeGraw.

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  1. I really, really like Kalio. It's a bit more subdued than a lot of the places on Smith Street and also quite a bit better than many of them. If you do a search, you'll find a few postings about it - all favorable, I think. I haven't been for a few months, so I can't comment on the current menu. Among the things that I've enjoyed there in the past are the vegetable terrine (amazingly fresh), littlenecks on the half shell (ditto), and the seared tuna entree. Great artisanal cheeses, too. Just make sure that you're really hungry, as entree portions are enormous!

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      The bar there is a charming little wonder. I've whiled away many an apres cinema hour there. It's rarely that populated and possesses a vague and inexplicable touch of Vegas charm. Maybe it's the angle of the overhanging palmetto or the ridiculously heavy ashtrays with which one could easily brain a rowdy, I dunno.

      Incredibly charming and accomodating bar staff--going so far as to humor the wishes of a drunken young bachelorette who desired her dirty martini so filthy as to contain half a jar's worth of olive brine. I admired the bartender's restraint in not emptying one of the aforementioned ashtrays into the shaker.

      Anyhow, nice steaks.


      1. re: Kat Kinsman

        I am surprised to hear you say that the steaks are good at Kalio. I ate there a couple of times, a couple of years ago, and while all the adventerous offerings were good to great, the steak was one of the worst I'd ever seen served in a restaurant: gristly, tasteless, limp. It came with equally awful frites -- and, after the plate was plunked down on the table the waitstaff announced there was no ketchup. I didn't leave that angry, I just figured it served (my husband) right for ordering steak at a restaurant which clearly only put steak on the menu for the tastebud-less unadventerous eater. But maybe it was just an off-night. On a positive note: there was an appetizer of shrimp wrapped in shredded phyllo and served with some sort of chutney that was magnifique.

        1. re: rachel hope

          I've never tried any of the entrees at Kalio - every time I go I can't resist ordering a dinner of appetizers! A plate of fabulous artisinal cheeses, half a dozen oysters, a plate of prosciutto and honey, salad...some bread and a bottle of wine, and you've got what I'd consider a perfect dinner for 2-3 people. They're not snifty about it either. Anyone who's had complaints about the enormous main courses should try this, because everything I've ever ordered there has been superb (and I don't leave feeling like I'm going to explode).

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      Brendan Taylor

      Have not been there yet, but I'm looking forward to going there soon. There is a good write-up about its history and menu on (the highly debated) Taste of Brooklyn website. Link is below.


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        Thanks for the link. I guess the renovation referred to in TOB is what drew my eyes to the place. It isn't new at all, but I had previously missed it as I whizzed by on my bike. I look forward to trying it.