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Oct 26, 2000 09:36 AM

Who makes the best pizza in Flushing?

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I tried searching the board but didn't come up with
anything. (I think I'm search-impaired.)
Here's the story:
I asked Mom how she wants to celebrate her 80th
birthday and she wants to have pizza and (lots of)
beer at home with me. (Yes, she's a little strange.)
Anyhow, I'd like to order a really tasty pie
for us to munch on while we're boozing. Where
should I get it?



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  1. Christina: Your mom sounds like my kind of woman! Happy birthday to her. pat

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    1. re: pat hammond
      Lisa Antinore

      The Afghani duo who turns out pies at Gloria Pizza across the street from Stern's on Roosevelt Avenue does a way better than average job. It's no Gloria's of yore however it's very solid competition. No fancy toppings, just straight up Neapolitan and Sicilian pies eaten at the counter followed by a soft serve on your way to catching the bus. Good, mellow sauce, ordinary cheese,and a chewy browned crust.

      On the Stern's side, TJ's (creeps me out because it feels very greasy and stuffy in there.....)has my favorite cross cultural offering- kim chee pizza. Lots of chain smoking Korean high schoolers hang in the back and scarf down reheated slices.

      Cafe Italiano on Northern gets on my nerves these days with slow service, but the grandma pizza is very good as is the diced up chicken cutlet creation. Not very authentic but god for a fix.

      Rumor has it that one of the guys from GLoria's works in a pizza shop in the Walbaum's shopping Center across from St. Francis Prep in Fresh Meadows (this just told to me by a fellow hound at my school who read about it on a Baby Boomers AOL board under Flushing..... I'll suss it out.

      The Sicilian at Matese on Francis Lewis Blvd. in North Flushing (across from Holy Cross)is up there with me as well although it has its naysayers on this board. I love a fresh pie cut into 24 mini pieces as a Friday night snack.

      Graziella on Francis Lewis Blvd has great vegetable foccaccia that sometimes makes me cry when it's fresh from the oven and their pizza bianco is very good.

      Have fun sampling! If Flushing doesn't prove good enough, go to Nick's in Forest Hills......

      Lisa Antinore