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Oct 22, 2000 11:33 AM

LOS LOBOS - Looking for knowledgeable verification but I think we have a fabulous Staten Island Mexican place- I miss you chowhound!

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HEllo everyone - let me just say I am sorry to not be posting but I started lawschool on AUgust 15th and since then my life became a blur. I hope you are all well and happy

Okay - enough mushy stuff - so this one is so good an unknown I have to let y'all know.

Los Lobos - 5 minute walk from the SI ferry. Corner of Victory and Bay Street there is a triangular park.
Behind it runs a small street connecting Bay street and Victory diagonally. They are there.

I honestly don;t know mexican food well at all - other than the americanized version so I really can't tell you too much. Just that it is incredibly fresh, nothing I have had has been untasty and nothing costs more then $7.00. The entire menu is in spanish so I am never sure what I am eating! (except for their side menu of italian food - but dont let this sway you - this is the third time i've seen an "ethnic" restaurant on SI supplement their menu with italian food - it's a SI small business stay-in-business restaurant tactic)(although the tactic didn't work for the first two restaurants which are now defunct!) Due to the spanish menu, I have trouble listing everything for you but if anyone out there really likes Mexican and can check it out I would be happy to hear your opinion.

Daily specials which are always sold out by 7:00 so get there earlier. Tacos with all kinds of meats I never heard of served with fresh lime and plenty of chopped cilantro. A dish called Chicken tinga - some type of barbecued shreded chicken on sopes-type tortillas - oh my god I love it. Excellent sopes also.
Red and green salsa to die for!

This is not a "sit-down" restaurant in teh classic sense. I have become a big take-out fan since I started studying 24-7 and I eat here at least once a week, if not more. They opened a few months ago. They just got their liquor license last week. The decoration is sparse, it is more a deli sitdown looking place but there are always at least one large group of customers sitting and talking and playing tunes on the all-mexican (maybe pan-latin - I really don't know) jukebox which makes it homier.

Los Lobos is now one of the few good options in the neighborhood as far as I am concerned! (the other favorite being the Polish Place on COrson avenue) WIth the minor league stadium going up and the explosion of building in this area (not to mention the New York Mag article about it being such a ripe area) I think we may be getting better stuff coming our way - I will keep y'all posted - sporadically but posted none the less! Really~!

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  1. I'm currently so stuffed full of dim sum that I can hardly see straight (sorry..that's more than you really needed to know!), so I may be totally off on this, but I'm pretty sure I've not seen chicken tinga anywhere else in NYC. Was it smokey? Should have plenty of chipotle. I'll go check it out and report back...decode some of the other stuff, if I can...

    sounds like a great find! thanks for posting! good luck with law school (rent the movie "The Paper Chase" if you have a chance!), post when you can!


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      Leslie Brenner

      Tacos Nuevo Mexico serves chicken tinga as well. Only I'm a little bit afraid that the restaurant is going downhill just a tad...

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        Chicken tinga confirmed as marinated in chipotles. Now having looked up chipotles on the web I can attribute that "bbq" description I gave of the chicken to the chipotle. I had no frame of reference never having knowingly eaten a chipotle! Very Smokey, spicy, red-tinted and shredded chicken - like i said I know very little about proper mexican food. They serve it on delicious tostadas with a thin layer of thick bean sauce then chicken then shredded lettuce and the mexican sour cream (which is quite different consistency than American I have found.) They are now making fruit shakes too - yummy!