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Oct 20, 2000 05:53 PM

DiFara's On The Weekend.

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While searching through old posts re DiFara's, one poster said to stop in during a weekday. Are weekend's crowded? Hoping to stop by next Saturday.


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    David Edelstein

    If you're driving, Friday nights and early Saturday are great because the place is surrounded by Orthodox joints, and the neighborhood is shut up tight on the Sabbath. Parking is a breeze on Fridays, but forget Saturday after sundown...

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    1. re: David Edelstein

      I live blocks from the restaurant and have never eaten there. I'm ashamed. But we seldom go out these days, so . . .Is DiFara's open on Sunday? Family coming after Thanksgiving, Manhattan matinee theater tickets--we would hit it between 6:30 and 7:00, I'm guessing.

      1. re: Miriam

        Yes. Open Sunday. Bring a book for the wait. (But worth it.)

    2. David's right about parking, but the thing is that Mr. DeMarco's greatness comes from his total immersion in the process of making pizza. His pace doesn't budge, so when the place gets crowded on weekend afternoons and early evenings, things get backed up. There's nobody to bus tables or do general customer service, so the crowds can get kind of tense (what has this web site wrought??). Thankfully it doesn't flap the unflappable Mr. De Marco, who smiles tranquilly while he slices the mozzarella, impervious to the crowds waving their arms and begging for service.

      So unless you're willing to stretch out, relax, and emit nothing but theta brainwaves, you're better off on a weekday.

      Though I must say I'm alarmed about this new cook. I took "Pepper" there a few weeks ago for his first visit, and was embarrassed that the pasta and hero were merely very good (and the salad was off). And the same guy was cooking the other night, as well. Where are Mr. DeMarco's son and daughter???

      The pizza's always perfect, though. Especially the artichoke slice. God, the artichoke slice. God.


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      1. re: Jim Leff

        As possibly the last 'hound to make out to DeFara's, I will second that artichoke slice. Definitely.

        1. re: Pepper

          well, we finally made the hour drive today. we did a sampling of reg slice with artichokes, plain,sicilianslice, and eggpl. parm hero. everything was delicious. I dig the crusty crust of the pizza there, as well as the old world charm/authenticity of the place.

          1. re: stephen kaye

            We were at DiFara's last night (Friday) - mostly uncrowded, but busy with phone orders, and a bunch of guys playing cards and working their way through a slow, large meal at the back table. We waited almost an hour for our delicious pizza (1/2 vegetable, 1/2 cheese and Dom remembered this order from the last time, 6 mo ago!), ziti, salad and escarole/bean soup. Bring your own wine by the way - they'll give you a plastic cup (we took our own glasses this time)

      2. m
        Mickey Ehrlich

        Take the subway

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        1. re: Mickey Ehrlich

          Thanks Mickey,

          Have been twice already on Saturday. No parking problems at all. And I don't think there is a subway from northeastern Connecticut to Brooklyn. :)