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Oct 11, 2000 12:45 PM

jade palace - Thursday dim sum?

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hey there hounds,

from reading this board, i have come to the conclusion that jade palace in flushing has the best dim sum in new york? well, i think i might have a chance to find out for myself tomorrow. i am dropping someone off at laguardia tomorrow for a 1pm flight.

my question is: does jade place serve dim sum on thursday? and if so, what time?


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  1. Jade Palace is under new management (they have a new name, I believe as well), and Allan Evans, whose opinion I trust, says the dim sum is good-not-great.

    1pm is very late for dim sum anyway, especially on a weekday. Strongly urge you to go, instead, to Sweet-N-Tart Cafe (much much better than the manhattan branches), where you can get some dimsum-ish dishes all day long. it's across the street from The-Restaurant-Formerly-Known-As-Jade-Palace at 136-11 38 Ave. It's a great, great place.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      thanks jim for the info!

      i have actually been to that sweet n tart cafe across from jade palace.

      i was there with my mom and my sister the last time i was in flushing, which was about a year ago . you are right, that place is really good. we all loved it.

      1. re: dongstadden

        Jade Palace a while back was the best. I am surprised no one is touting East Lake on Main Street or KB Garden on 39th Ave. The latter is larger and has more creativity in its dishes. I stay away from the fried stuff and concentrate on the steamed offerings. All these places serve dim sum daily. The greatest number of selections is offered from noon -2:00.

        1. re: budcar11

          KB Garden seemed to us like Jade Palace. All well, good but not great. Again the assembled-food syndrome (possibly the compenets ordered in and prepared according to need). Didn't seem very clean either.

      2. re: Jim Leff

        Jim is right. Sweet n Tart is a treasure. If you try their appetizers you will get a different take on dim sum and far fresher and less lardy. Jade Palace and so many other places taste as though a central supplier gives them all the basic dim sum materials which are assembled in the respective kitchens. Their uniformity is quite unpleasant. I find Jade Palace's noodle dishes fresh and more original than their touted dim sum. By the way, I had dim sum in Sydney Australia's Chinatown and was devastated by the inventiveness and freshness.