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Oct 10, 2000 12:49 PM


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Hi everyone:

I am trying to become a tea maven so tasting tea is my new thing. Anyway, I have a friend flying in from Miami this weekend, who wants to spend 2 days tasting tea with me. In particular, I am looking for great places to have VERY GOOD versions of Taiwanese BUBBLE TEA (Boo Ba Tea etc). Anysuggestions? He's coming on Friday and we plan to go tasting on Saturday and Sunday.


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  1. Saint's Alp Teahouse is a chain from Hong Kong that specializes in Taiwanese "Frothy-Tea With Pearl Tapioca"

    51 Mott St
    39 3rd Ave

    Try #9 "Taro root green tea milk" It's purple!


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    1. re: Dale

      Fantastic. I heard about this place but I wasn't sure it existed because I couldn't find it in Yahoo yellow pages. The website looks cool!! What is the interior like?? Is it Hong Kong hip??

      Do you know any other places?? I hear Ten Ren's in Flushing as Bubble tea too? Ever try it?

      Manhattan locations are easier for me since that is where I grew up so I am most familair with that boro.

      1. re: Ora
        Frank(Bubble King Freak)

        St. Alps is pretty hip but can not compare in the flavor department to Vancouver's wide array of choices. I just walked by a new place on St. Mark's between A and B called Marbles Cafe that looked a bit more like an authentic find then a chain like St. Alp.

        Give it a shot and let us know what it's like.

        1. re: Frank(Bubble King Freak)

          Wow--I am really glad I found this board. I had no idea where I would find Pearl tea in NYC.

          I tasted bubble tea in Toronto last weekend. There is such a wide range of Asian tea shops up there.

          If anyone can come with more places, I'd love to hear from you. I'll give my report about my tea-tasting weekend on Monday!

          1. re: Frank(Bubble King Freak)

            Speaking of Marbles Cafe--when the heck is it open? My FDC (Frequent Dining Companion) lives very nearby and each time we have attempted to go (day and evening hours), it's been gated with no indications of times at which that might not be the case. If anyone's got hours, that info would be much appreciated.

            While I know there are those who disagree with me, my bubble tea vote goes to Fans Cuisine on Bowery. Best temperature, consistency, flavor.


            1. re: Kat Kinsman

              Is a FDC anything like a SEO (Significant Eating Other)?

              1. re: Jim Leff

                I like that one! Hadn't heard it before, but now I'm imagining some spot on the 1040 long form with acronyms like that. Explaining to one's accountant or an IRS agent, "Well, we're not actually married or living together, but we do eat together all the time and talk about the food--can't we take Babbo as a deduction?, I'm sorry, I don't think Kebab Cafe really gives receipts. Yes, I'll make sure to ask Ali for one next time..."