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Oct 9, 2000 10:31 PM

La Taqueria is crazy tasty in Park Slope

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Though I am extremely high I must say that La Taqueria has the best food not only for the buck, but its service is extremely speedly and efficient. Only good Mexican food in the slope as far as I am concerned. The taquitos are tasty and the burritos as well. They deliver which is convenient but no credit cards which kinda sucks. Nevertheless, better than 2nd street cafe with their cold ass food. No offense. Gotta go, late!

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  1. IMHO - it just goes to show you that a little reefer impairs the judgment when it comes to munchies! To each his/her own, though.

    1. I kinda like La Taqueria myself, and I'm nowhere near stoned. I know it's not da best in da east, but it has superior junk food qualities, at least to me. Interesting to me that there doesn't appear to be anyone of even remote Latin ancestry connected to the place. Seems to be entirely Asian run.

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      1. re: George Lynch
        Leslie Brenner

        I know La Taqueria very well, since I live about a block away--I eat there often out of necessity. The owner is a Latino gentleman from East L.A.--hence the L.A. murals--and that's the "concept." It used to be called California Taqueria (or something like that), and was part of a chain. He sold the other outlets, keeping that one, and changed the name. He's there at some point most days. (You can't miss him--long ponytail, rides a Harley...sits on bench outside.)

        The food there is mediocre. The rotisserie chickens are okay; they come with rice and beans. Pinto beans are not bad. Rice is an approximation of Mexican rice you get in L.A. Burritos are okay, huge and satisfying when there's nothing else around. I go for the Baja. Tacos are okay, but they're so overly juicy that they fall apart when you try to eat them. I usually ask for the tortillas on the side--just to be able to eat them!--which on one occasion prompted the guy behind the counter to tell me I didn't know what a taco was. (As a food writer who spent 25 years in California, not to mention a regular customer, that sent me over the edge. The owner rectified the situation.) Salsas are okay--there's one that seems like pasilla that's not bad. The best thing about the place are the drinks: nice agua frescas (love the watermelon), and excellent fresh lemonade.

        This is a restaurant that I would not go more than a few blocks out of my way to experience. That said, I probably either eat there or get take-out at least once a week, which says more about the pickings in the immediate vicinity than anything else.

        1. re: George Lynch
          Leslie Brenner

          P.S. In fact most of the employees are Latino.

        2. What's the location?