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Oct 2, 2000 01:59 PM

sriphaphai directions

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hey folks,

i know this board is not normally used for directions. but everytime i go to queens, i get lost.

so can someone please tell me the best way to get from laguardia airport to sriphaphai? it should not be that far, right?

my mom and her two sisters, who are all thai, will be in town. and i wanted to show them that you can get real thai food around here. they should be impressed.


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  1. subway's best, the 7 train stops very close by. But you can't take the subway to Laguardia, so...

    head west on grand central.

    get on the brooklyn queens expressway (don't worry, you can only go one way).

    Get all uptight and road-raged by the construction.

    Stay left always, or else you may find yourself squeezed off the road and onto Northern Boulevard, and you may never ever get to the restaurant. Or home again. You'll wander around Queens like a wraith (only hungrier) for all eternity.

    Exit at Broadway/Roosevelt Avenue.

    At top of ramp (at light) go straight onto 69th street until you get to the elevated subway (which runs over Roosevelt Ave). Hang a right on roosevelt. Around 64th street, park the car. Sripraphai is a stone's throw from Roosevelt (to your right) at 64-13 39 ave, between 64 and 65 streets. You may have better luck parking on 39 Ave, actually.



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    1. re: Jim Leff

      thanks jim!

      love your book, btw. i use it all the time. in fact, that is how i heard of sriphaphai.

      1. re: dongstadden

        Happy to help. This is a bit too delicate a driving maneuver to entrust to mapquest et al (go 0.0 miles then go straight 0.0 miles which turns into Cozy Lane for 0.0 miles, etc etc)

        what do you like at sripraphai? The NYC hounds are always up for new dish ideas to try.

        My faves:
        steamed fish with lemon sauce
        Chinese broccoli w/crispy pork
        sauteed noodles with meat, chili and basil leaves
        pan fried egg with ground pork
        thai spaghetti with curry sauce
        rice with mixed vegetables
        banana sticky rice (dessert)

        (jen...gary...jeremy...anyone...anything to add?)

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Wish I had the menu to jog my memory. I also love the sauteed noodles with meat, chili and basil. My other faves are the barbequed(?) beef appetizer, the duck in green curry, and most of those desserts in the refrigerated case.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            The pan-fried mussels is my favorite dish (crispy egg-y pancakes studded with mussels). Also, last time they had an appetizer special (not on the menu, but recommended by our waitress who said they will probably have it in the foreseeable future) that was extremely delicious: flash-fried chinese broccoli with squid, chicken, shrimp, cashews, mint, etc.

            1. re: Arlene

              Made it to Woodside last week and WOW! Had a sausage salad for starters and Jungle curry as a main. Best Thai I've had in a looong time.PS BYO Booze. The bodega down the block has lous beer, the best I could do was Guinness.

              1. re: IVAN STOLER

                Ivan, very glad you made it, but we've had all these fantastic dish suggestions (I for one have been taking extensive notes)...what made you order those two things???

                1. re: Jim Leff

                  Jim, I love sausage, especially Thai/Viet/Chinese, so I wanted to try a variant on the regular beef salads. As for Jungle could I resist with such a name. The other night I tried Arunee in Jackson Heights. Not bad. The problem is when eating solo you don't get enough dishes to get a real good feel for a place. But..I will go back to Arunee as well. Just by the small meals I had @ each place I think that they are better than any thai I've had in Manhattan. I'd like to ask the people who own Lemongrass grill to close up and leave NY. They give Thai a bad name.

                  1. re: Ivan Stoler

                    I love sausage too!

                    Have you given Ubol's in Astoria a try lately? of course, they used to be fantastic (MANY years ago), but some say they're still pretty good.

                    Agreed that eating alone in such restaurants is tough. We have some clever solutions to that problem that we hope to implement on site before too long...


                    1. re: Jim Leff

                      Jim, I haven't been to Ubols in maybe 5-6 years. Is it still on Steinway St just off the GCP? When I tried it I wasn't impressed but...since discovering Chowhound I have started eating Thai again. Don't get me started on Manhattan Thai. As fer sausage well do you like Morcillia/Blood Sausage. Does anyone know of what they consider the best BS in NYC?

                      1. re: Ivan Stoler

                        We went to Ubol's 2 years ago for my mother's birthday. We generally go to Sripraphai, but the atmosphere at Ubol's seemed more appropriate for the occasion. Much of the food was not esp. good -- the grilled dishes, most salads. stir fries, and curries were feh! Two things were very good though - -the mee krob, and a salad of ground pork and grilled eggplant.

            2. re: Jim Leff
              Tom Meglioranza

              Oh where to start...

              A recent addition to their printed menu (although they've been serving it for a while) is "Tom-Zaap", listed as "beef offal soup". It's a clear soup aggressively flavored with lime juice, makrut leaves, galangal and chilis. I find that if you don't ask for it to be very spicy (as a Thai would have it), then the balance isn't quite right and it just tastes like an extra sour hot-and-sour soup.

              You can also get Tom-Zaap made with seafood (mostly squid and shrimp) instead of beef offal. I like beef offal, but seafood tom-zaap is also wonderful.

              A also love the pan-fried mussel omelette thingy, called "hoi-tod". You can further enhance your hoi-tod experience by requesting that it be made "krob krob", or extra crispy.

              If I'm just going there by myself, I almost always get their fried-chicken/green papaya salad/coconut rice combo.

              They also sell excellent beef and pork jerkys.

              Whew! I'm going there this Saturday to celebrate a birthday. Say hi if you're there.

              1. re: Jim Leff
                Seth Ditchik

                The Kao Soi (sp?) is wonderful, especially on a cold day. It's a gloriously aromatic and spicy soup, served with dried noodles, meat, and lime.

                1. re: Jim Leff

                  hey guys,

                  thanks for all the great suggetions. if i could eat it all, i would.

                  my favorite thai dish is actually something really simple, Kow moo Daang (spelling is probably wrong). that is just roast pork on rice with some tangy sweet red sauce on top. they make it really good there. i know that does not sound too exciting, but it is real good.

                  i am actually thai, so i eat that dish all the time when i go to thailand. but for some reason, the thai restaurants here don't have it. except for sriphaphai, of course.

                  oh yeah, jim, i agree with your mapquest observation. they have made me lost many times. btw, how's about doing a new jersey version of your eclectic guide? or is this a topic for another board...
                  being a jersey hound, i do not make it to queens or brooklyn much, unfortunately.

                  1. re: Jim Leff

                    Hate to dissent on the chinese broccoli with crispy pork, but it has been wanting our past few trips to Sripraphai. We order it every time in hope that it will be as good as it used to. I now suffers from what my wife and I call the "big meat problem." Largish dryish chunks of roast pork instead of smaller bits of juicy crackling. Oddly, we have encountered the problem on both coasts, so perhaps it is a pandemic.

                    Otherwise, it rocks. To what others have posted, I would add:
                    panang curry with beef (topped with coconut cream and shredded bergamot leaves)
                    any grilled meat dish
                    most salads, my favorites being the bean thread, papaya, tripe, and grilled beef salads

                    1. re: Alan Divack

                      I went tonight and ordered, per your suggestion, grilled pork (listed in appetizers but it's a hugeish mound).

                      I think I may have pushed the envelope with my eating method. I ordered sticky rice, and ate the grilled pork chunks with little finger-fuls of sticky rice, carefully dipping the pork into the sweet/sour sauce first. Ambrosia. I know they eat lots of things with fingerfuls of sticky rice Over There, but I'm not sure this kind of grilled meat is part of that tradition. Either way, give a try.

                      The massoman curry was unfocused, but nonetheless very primally yummy. Noodles were a study in grease saturation...not happy (though still pretty good). Mixed vegetables were nice and simple, perhaps to a fault, but we need that in the nabe. Best of all, I found a new kind of cookie...very very thin hypercrunchy cookies folder over in eighths. I forgot the name (finished and tossed the wrapper). Really good.


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                Tom Meglioranza

                Take the 7 train to 69th St. Walk along Roosevelt Ave to 65th St. Then turn right (north) and go one block. You should now find yourself on 39th Ave. where, for one tiny block, the closest thing we have to a Thai-town in NYC (at least to my knowledge) exists. You'll spot Sripraphai right away, as well as a Thai grocery, beauty salon, and a Thai video (VDO) store. Chok dee!

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                1. re: Tom Meglioranza

                  Sorry I noticed too late that you were asking directions from LaGuardia. I'll read more carefully next time...

                  1. re: Tom Meglioranza

                    thanks tom,

                    i will have a car though. what would i take to get in that general area?