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Sep 29, 2000 07:15 PM

VIVO in Bayside Northern Blvd

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Anybody been to Vivo on Northern blvd. recently? I went there about 2 years when it first opened, and had a very good meal, but haven't been back since. Was wondering if it's still there, and how it is?

I remember having a swordfish in balsamic sauce, and my wife had potato crusted salmon which was very good.


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  1. It's definitely still there, but for particulars perhaps someone else can chime in..... Do you know anything, BTW, about the Greek restaurant nearby called Myrtos?

    1. Any current comments on this place? I'm looking for someplace to eat in the area and they're on Transmedia/iDine..


      1. I wish I could say Vivo is good. It's within walking distance of my home and in IDine-Transmedia - I'm a member and could get a nice discount. BUT, I find it very disappointing. I ate there when it was brand new and the service was terrible, food mediocre. I've been back twice and it hasn't gotten any better. For example: what they call "carpaccio" is merely sliced deli roast beef in a salad. Their "gnocchi al pesto" are doughy gnocchi floating in a bowl of creamy basil flavored sauce (not pesto). If any of you go there and find it to be a great experience, please let me know. I'd love to find a nice Italian restaurant right in my neighborhood but, so far, this isn't it.