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Sep 28, 2000 12:38 AM


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I am very interested to know of good places to go for dessert in Queens and Manhattan. I will also post on the Manhattan board as well. Here are a few of the places I like and can suggest, but would like to have some new ones to try as we get ready for winter, so I hope everyone will add to this thread.

I like several places in Astoria, but generally I prefer Kolanaki and Amonia (not exactly sure of spelling, sorry). For takeout I go to Titan all the time, and get their round pistachio baklava's and anything there is great, but nowhere to sit and eat it.

I like Jackson Heights for several Urugayan Bakeries,and I really love the fig pastries at Pano Fino, which is on the corner past Pio Pio and I always go there afterwards and get something. They are extremely gracious there as well, and are open late.

In Forest Hills, I like the gelato at Piu bella on Austin Street, and usually get it to go, as the place is a bit hectic. They have alot of commercial type desserts there, and frankly I prefer either ethnic pastries or pastry chef creations, not the cakes that every restuarant has. The rugalach at Andre's on Queens Blvd. is the best hands down, even if they don't exactly kill you with kindness.

In Bayside, I like C. Marretta, love their little strawberry shortcakes.

So, please let me know what restaurants you think have the best desserts (made by pastry chef's), and what other exclusive dessert places you can reccomend.


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  1. For great old-fashioned Homemade Icecream try eddy's Sweetshop on Metropolitan in Forest Hills.

    Dont forget Lemon ice King of Corona on 108th as far as takeout.

    If you like Uraguayan bakeries, try the Argentine ones, El Molino on Broadway (in Elmhurst) near Queens Blvd and Rio De La Plata on Corona Avenue near Junction blvd (in Elmhurst.) I assume you were talking about La Urujaya (and maybe La Paraguayita which used to be another La Uruguaya.)

    They put a cinnebun in the Queens Center mall.

    In Manhattan, try Cafe Lalo (a dessert cafe) on West 83rd and Amsterdam. It does get overcrowded with the weekend brunch and after (movie) theatre crowds.

    1. Try the cakes and pastries at Bonelle Bakery which is next door to Nick's Pizza on Ascan Avenue in FOrest Hills (right off of Austin Street. They make a great opera cake -

      Also there is a bakery on Horace Harding in Little Neck called Ritchie's (near the post office)
      They make really great mondel bread and some of the best raspberry and apricot hamentaschen. Their bread is good too (rye bread etc.) My cousin likes their chocolate rugelach too.

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        Susan O'Grady

        How about Oasis on No. Blvd. in Auburndale, at 196th St.? Great Greek pastries, a real jumping place. We always get a seat, but it's usually the last one in the house.