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Sep 25, 2000 06:55 PM

Sunset Park w/Noshnews

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Sunday I went on a walking tour of Sunset Park Brooklyn conducted by Myra Alperson, the publisher (editor and staff) of Noshnews. Noshnews is a newsletter about (ethnic) restaurant and markets in NYC.

Sunset Park seems to have a plurality of Chinese and a substantial Mexican population, along with Turks, Thais, Vietnamese and no doubt others. The tour visited markets and restaurants, along with street food, a little folk art and an al fresco lunch at Sunset Park. It struck me as carefully thought out, being neither superfical nor excessively strenuous. I think it cost $14 (not including any food one cared to buy). I look forward to the upcoming tour of Astoria--where, as it happens, I grew up.

I have also enjoyed the newletter, and recommend it and the tours to others. I have inserted a link to the Noshnews website. (I have no financial interest in Noshnews.)


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  1. Myra Alperson is well known to most of us as coauthor of "The Food Lovers Guide to NYC", a book on chowhounding via bicycle that was really popular about a decade ago or so.

    Her NoshNews is indeed worth reading