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Sep 25, 2000 04:35 PM

Has anyone tried Taqueria DF?

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Has anyone tried Taqueria DF? They are on 5th & 22nd but deliver to the No. Slope area. I have to say they are the best tacos I've had in NYC. They are a very close second to those found from taco trucks in CA. We've tried almost all of the meat varieties of the tacos. The goat was very good. The delivery time is very fast & the prices can't be beat. The double-wrapped tacos are $1.00 each. The guac is very good as well. My only complaint is that they don't always include the lime & radishes. You have to ask for them. Check them out if you haven't already!

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  1. this is my first post (i've been lurking for a while)and i cannot pass up my chance to comment on Taqueria DF my favorite neighborhood restaurant, my addiction. i ate there once every day or thereabouts for a week, trying something new everyday, never tiring.

    i agree about the tacos: two small warm and comforting corn tortillas wrapped simply around your favorite meat, delicately flavored with cilantro and onion. in two bites they're done, so order many.

    the flautas are amazing as the tender breast meat inside is from the chickens roasting and basting in delicious guajillo sauce. yum yum.

    and the burritos are california style and great and the enchiladas aren't my favorite but they'll do and the tostadas are delicious as are both kinds of tamales and the mexican corn on the cob with white cheese and mayonaise and cayenne is decadent and fattening but oh my god.

    My special award, however goes to the condiment cart which is extensive. have you ever seen cactus and onion on a condiment cart FOR FREE in northern america? There's soupy lemony quacamole that you pour on your selections and radishes and limes and tangy spicy salsa and the highlight of my experience...arbol chiles-- browned, toasty and lightly salted from a couple of swishes in a hot olive oiled pan. (i asked). These i can eat whole, munching one, taking a bite of sour-creamy and juicy flauta then eating more smoky, oily chile and finally cooling off with a few radishes squirted with lime. this is living.

    anyone else been there?