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Sep 23, 2000 01:51 PM

Brazilian Restaurant in Flushing

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Someone was telling me about a Brazilian Restaurant in Flushing but I forget the name. I remember the words "grill" and "churrascaria" were in there. Can anyone tell me if they've heard of this place, its name and anything else about it.

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  1. On College Point Blvd. just No. of Northern Blvd. A huge version of the basic Churascaria. They have a live band on Sat. nites & Valet parking.

    1. There are two "rodizios" in Flushing. If you want a serious meat fix and expect nothing authentically Brazilian (nor, for that matter, subtle or delicious) whatsoever, go for it. Otherwise I'd skip both.

      These aren't really rodizio (which is a serious, wonderful Brazilian culinary tradition). They're Korean-run steakhouses with a few vestigial samba touches. Their managements have long stories about Brazilian family connections (and have hired a few Brazilian employees), but both are really intended to serve as "something different" for Koreans who nonetheless want their dose of steak. Me? I love Korean steakhouses, and that's where I'll eat my Korean steak. And I go to churrascaria plataforma in manhattan for brazilian rodizio. It's FAR from great (and service is AWFUL), but at least it's in the genre. The only really good rodizio in our area was in uniondale, and it closed after a few months.

      Master Grill is the worse of the two. It's at 3409 College Point Blvd; (718) 762-0300 

      Green Field is marginally better. 10801 Northern Blvd (718) 672-5202 

      Actually, I haven't visited either in a while, but have no reason to suspect that either has improved.