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Sep 22, 2000 05:47 PM

cherry-cheese knishes! (which you will never get anywhere unless you make 'em yourself)

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Well, i just finished reading the July Brighton Beach entries and the ones before that, and i cannot believe no one mentioned Mrs. Stahl's knishes or even the ones that are sold on the boardwalk. This place has been there forever. As long as you stick to the traditional flavors, their stuff is pretty darn good -- like primeval cheesecake. All summer long, i thought about going to the beach, mainly so i could get my finely-tuned, sophisticated palate on some cherry-cheese knishes. There are other kinds -- blueberry-ch., pineapple-ch., potato, kasha (ask someone else), even sweet potato and Spanish rice (i tried it once -- never again!) -- but my heart belongs to cherry-cheese. I forget the price -- $1.50 or $2.00. This is cheap for something this good. Mrs. Stahl's (she started out long ago, selling her scrumptious wares on the boardwalk) is right under the el (D train), across the street from the Lincoln bank on Brighton Beach Ave. Tell 'em i sent you and maybe they'll take your money. :)

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