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Sep 11, 2000 10:34 PM

Arepa Lady

  • j

Just curious -- how much does she charge for these yummy arepas I keep hearing so much about?

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  1. I've only been there once (and it was absolutely sinful), and they were $2.50 for an arepa con queso.

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    1. re: Heather

      Where, pray tell, is the Arepa Lady?

      1. re: Jenn

        "They seek her here, they seek her there, those Chowhounds seek her everywhere"

        But they can only find her under the El on Roosevelt Ave. in Jackson Hts. (For tips on exact location and optimum timing for finding the Arepa Lady, not to mention hints on what to order, try a search from the Home Page, voluminous hits will result.)

        1. re: Helen
          Jason "Ride the snake" Perlow

          I love the way he describes her in that article.

          I think the Arepa lady is Jim Leff's equivalent to Jim Morrison's ghostly indian chief that keeps appearing to him wherever he goes. She's the ghost of the Arepa Ladies of time immortal.

          Does she really exist? Or is she behind the Doors of Perception?

          1. re: Jim Leff

            Couldn't open the link, got the "404 - page not found" message?
            OOPS .. just noticed I was responding to a post that is over 5 yrs old wonder I got the 404

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Regarding "Arepera" I think you mean palindrome (read the same forwards and backwards) and not onomatopoeia.

          Regarding Arepas, I'm not sure where you're from, but there are a few serviceable Arepera's in Manhattan. Flor's Kitchen was the original, but Caracas Arepa Bar is the best. Of course, this doesn't quite rival the carts out at the Red Hook Ball Fields, or anything you could find on the street in Venezuela, but it's a pretty good facimile.

        2. Hey, now we're talking Chowhound... the new site is officially christened... an arepa lady post! (where has Mina been lately? Dom's on the board).

          At any rate, I'm not sure you (keith) realize that you've responded to an over 5 year old thread (Perlow?!) but I have a question for you: are there arepas at the Red Hook ballfields? I get the papusas, the enchiladas, the tacos, the ceviche & the tortillas. Where are the arepas? I want some. Thanks.

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          1. re: Steve R

            i haven't seen arepas at the ballfields, so you will have to bring your own if you want some.

            1. re: Steve R

              I have seen Arepas at the Red Hook Fields. Also I've seen lots of Salvadorian pupusas. And of course some delicious tacos. the post I was responding to above, was from someone who posted the same thing on every single arepa post on the board. The moderators subsequently removed that post, but left mine, making me look like I was responding to a non-existant post.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Damn inflation. Just had one tonight and it's up to 3 bucks.