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Dining tips while visiting for the US Open

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A while back I posted a message asking for dining suggestions while visiting the open. I wanted to thank everyone again for the help.

I have to confess that other than Pings (see my review attached to a recent posting about eating at Pings and getting sick) I didn't really get a chance to eat anywhere, even at the Ice King!

It was my first US Open and I had so much fun and saw so many great matches I couldn't tear myself out of the park for 3 days.

My first day I ate a cheeseburger, Cracker Jacks, and about a gallon of water. I think I may have to take out a second mortgage to get myself out of debt, with a liter bottle of H20 costing $4.50 at the open.

The food was food-court quality, way over priced, but at least had variety. And with a captive audience, they can charge whatever they want.

OK, so I guess I'm a tennis-hound first and foremost, and a chowhound second. Even though I had been salivating at the thought of the 'best chicken parm sandwich' at the Corona Heights Pork Store, when it came down to that or the 5th set tie-break between Pioline and Rusedski...well, in my heart I know I made the right decision.

Maybe next year, if I return, I'll get stuck in one of those 3-hour rain delays with nothing to do but look for some good chow!

Anyway, I'm in Manhattan until Tuesday...and had a yummy pizza this afternoon at John's. I've got some catching up to do on the food front before I head home.


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