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Aug 21, 2000 01:34 PM

Best Sicilian Slice In Brooklyn

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Hi everyone-

IMO, the best sicilian slice in Brooklyn was Sal's
in Bay Ridge on 86th. With a change in owner and
downhill alert in full effect, I need a replacement.
Fire Away.


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  1. yep, I was a fan, too. The problems with the new owners has been discussed on this board before.

    Get ye to Difara's. search down the board index for (lots) more info.


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    1. Di Fara's has the best Sicilian. The crust stays nice and strong (but not too strong) when the pizza goes to room temperature, and the sauce, cheese, etc... is top notch. I'm sure you're familiar with Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst, which is OK for spumoni, but the quality of their Sicilian is ephermeral.

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      1. re: Cristina

        Re Spumoni Gardens, I usually like their sicilian very much, tho its been a less good a couple of times, most recently due to an off flavor in the oil used, but ephemeral?

        1. re: jen kalb

          Yes, ephemeral. The sicilian pizza at Spumoni is good two minutes after it comes out of the oven, but after that two minutes, it's just average--- not much better than most Sicilian slices you get around town.

          After eating Sicilian pizza at Di Fara's, no one else's can compare.

          1. re: Cristina

            "After eating Sicilian pizza at Di Fara's, no one else's can compare."

            I wholeheartedly agree, but since I've never been, I'm curious if Umberto's is still (or presently) worth a trip out to LI for what Jim Leff called something like the "best Sicilian silce, ever."


            1. re: shane

              Umberto's got expansion fever a couple of years ago. The masses of new places have sicilian a few notches better than average, and the original (in new hyde park) is only a notch or two better than them.

              not worth a special trip. breaks my heart. stick with DiFara's.

      2. Hi Eveyone- Replying to my original post.

        They've been mentioned before but worth another mention. Elegante Pizza in Bay Ridge (70th and 5th Ave) is absolutely fabulous. The regular slice was VERY good. But,the sicilian was breathtaking. A true gem. Everything oozed with great flavors.

        A side note that made it even better- the two guys
        working the counter were extremely pleasant and
        seemed to know every person that walked in the door.
        A true neighborhood place offering much appreciated
        "food made with love"

        mission accomplished.