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Aug 21, 2000 11:03 AM

Lento's Park Slope-Downhill Alert

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Had a truly awful meal at Lento's Park Slope location Friday night, with service to match. We ordered the fresh mozzarella with red peppers app, Penne with Sausage and a cheese pizza. Waiter said they no longer carried wine by the bottle, but "we have everything" which meant in the case of red wine: merlot, cab, chianti and a montepulciano. My wife ordered the montepulciano, I ordered Anchor Steam. After 15 minutes when our drinks had yet to arrive in a hlf empty restaurant, I was finally able to flag down the waiter, who gave us a half bored look and went off to the bar, only to inform us that there was no montepulciano. My wife ordered a chianti and it finnaly arrived along with an Anchor Steam that had been sitting iin the line way too long. The appetizer arrived, at which point we asked for bread. The mozzarella was tired and dry, the peppers the cheap canned variety that tasted like mushy vinegar strips. Penne was overcooked, the sauce ok but way to salty and the sausage, while they use a fine purveyor had a hard crust that indicated it had obviously been sitting around for a day or more. Well I figured they couldn't screw up the pizza, it's their signature dish,... wrong. The crust was nice and thin, bit lukewarm, the sauce tasteless and the cheese rubbery.
Park Slope has never been as good as the Bay Ridge original location, but the pizza was always a pretty close approximation. I hope this doesn't mean Bay Ridge has slipped as well.

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  1. I don't think Bay Ridge Lento's can possibly slip. it's been there too long, everyone's too proud.

    the Park Slope has been having service problems for quite some time. And while I NEVER order toppings there (the peppers were a mistake, IMO), that shouldn't have killed your pie.

    Could just be an aberration, though. Any other recent reports?

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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Leslie Brenner

      I've lived in the hood for four and a half years, and never found anything other than the pizza to be particularly edible. I haven't noticed any change in the pizza--the crust has always been good--sometimes very good, the mozarella and sauce only standard (acceptable). We sometimes order toppings, and they always just seem standard, too. In other words, good for Park Slope, but you wouldn't want to go out of your way to eat it.

      1. re: Leslie Brenner

        Weird crowd, too. Though I eat there only once every few months, the bar always seems to house at least one loud, sloppy drunk. Kinda funny, but you wouldn't want to live there.

        I agree that their service has gotten worse over time. Not that it was all that great to begin with...but long, inexplicable delays now seem to be the norm. Too bad...lord knows the nabe could use (and would patronize) a first-rate pizza place.

      2. re: Jim Leff
        David Jacobson

        Jim: read my post again, the pie was plain, the peppers were on a Fresh mozz appetizer

      3. I tried the Park Slope Lento's a couple of years ago. It was lousy then: absent service (in the afternoon, past lunch hour, on a Sunday, we were one of two groups in the whole place), floppy pizza. Certainly nothing special -- I never felt the need to return. Downhill from that, I can't imagine.