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Aug 19, 2000 07:16 PM

What's Up at Capt. King?

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Passed by Capt. King today for the first time in a few months and discovered that they have added a sushi bar. Has there been a change in management, quality?

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  1. Been meaning to write this up. Been meaning to write a LOT of stuff up, but site biz has me bizzy.

    yeah, they've added sushi/sashimi. I feared an ownership change or something, but it's an earnest move by Kim, who is always trying innovative stuff. This is what makes him so much fun to track, he always surprises, never thinks "in the box".

    In this case, he's regrettably made a move that kind of cheapens the appearance of what he's doing, but he doesn't know that. And I'll bet the sushi's real good. Haven't tried yet.

    I asked Kim when he's going to add pizza...he laughed heartily and said "Next year! We add next year for sure!"

    I was there the night before the sushi bar's launch, and he was hosting a large tableful of celebrants, and I was given the impression that someone related to him has married into a Japanese family, hence this move.

    Minds open, chopsticks ready,