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Aug 16, 2000 07:35 PM

fairway in red hook???

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i've heard this rumor before (about 2-3 years ago) and now, erika marcus, who's a veteran of these boards, mentioned to me that she saw it floated in new york magazine a few weeks back

does anyone know if there's any truth to this? when i first heard the rumor a few years ago, they were trying to find the kind of space that would allow them to open a warehouse store similar to what they've done above columbia

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  1. there was a whole piece about the place in red hook where fairway wants to open in New York magazine either last week or the week before

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    1. re: tamara

      thanks - that's what erika had said

      can anyone post the highlights if they have it around - i think it was the one with alain ducasse on the cover? don't think they have it on line

      1. re: ron lieber

        i spoke to soon - here's the link to the story about red hook that mentions fairway - turns out it's a huge controversey, with the local city councilman on the anti-fairway side of things

        i strongly encourage everyone to call councilman rodriguez's office and offer to trade votes for groceries

        1. re: ron lieber

          Much nicer for all when the URL is in the form of a live link. And, it's fun and easy to do! A little copying, a little pasting, and voila! Just click below to learn how.


          1. re: Helen

            my bad - am new around here, and new to this particular message program - i assumed it would activate the link on its own, but no dice

            btw, angel rodriguez, the city councilman who is determined to keep fairway out of the space they want to occupy, has not entered the 1990's and does not have an email address. if you want to give him a piece of your mind, you have to call him on the phone or write him a letter.


            angel rodriguez
            406 43rd street
            brooklyn ny 11232