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Aug 16, 2000 02:24 PM


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i recently had lunch at krystal's cafe in woodside. the service was surly, food mediocre and relatively
expensive. all i can say is i'm sticking to elvie's turo-turo on 1st avenue.

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  1. Are we all talking about the same Krystal's, on Roosevelt and 69th? I've been there many times and none of the adjectives surly, mediocre, nor expensive have applied.

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    1. re: Jeremy Osner

      yep...that's the one. i hope it was just an off day there but i was really disappointed. the chicken
      barbecue and lumpiang shanghai were not nearly as tasty as elvie's. the bulalo, on the other hand,
      was good. i think dollar for dollar elvie's wins hands down.

      1. re: teri

        I'm with jeremy on this one; hope you just had a bad day and it's not the start of something bad.

        But I think you mad a bad mistake ordering barbecue. That's a singular cooking style which calls for a trip to a specialist (e.g. Ihawan, around the corner), rather than ordering in a general-purpose Filipino restaurant (much less one that leans more toward pastry than meat!). Also, I'd have gone more for noodles than lumpiang. And the crispy pata is quite good.

        anyone try Krystal's new "smorgasboard" restaurant a block east, same side of street? I think it's called "krystal's steakhouse" or something similar