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Aug 15, 2000 08:35 PM

Sicilian ? Inside,Corner,Outside ?

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Just had 2 slices from Matese on Franny Lou.
1 inside / 1 outside .
Even though I have waffled (why did the politicians pick such a wholesome breakfast item to describe indecision ?) between Graziella's & Matese, I have to admit a preference to a Matese pie.
Hard working pizza men cut from the traditional cloth.
There are no kids/cousins/or whoever making these pies.
Lets do it again ?
Beach Boys.

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  1. l
    Lisa Antinore

    John-Pasquale, one of the two brothers-in law who own the place always put aside two corner pieces of the Sicilian for my mom. She's in there all the time and we buy a couple of balls of dough a couple of times a month to make our pizza with aciuge. I personally can't resist the vegetable foccaccia at Graziella's though. This summer I'm doing some tecahing at a school in Bayside instead of d/t Flushing and my collegaue Dorina and I get there every Wed. at eleven just as the focaccia is being placed on the counter. Followed up with what I believe are the BEST Italian Ices next door at D'Aquila (love the hazel nut and the chocolate) , it's the perfect lunch.My students were chatting today about EAST buffet's grand opening in d/t Flushing. I had passed it a few times over the last couple of months anxiously awaiting the red ribboned trees out front and a new place to explore... Never seemed ready. The kids tell me that the one on LI is THE BEST. Every Asian child I've taught over the last five years has mentioned EAST at least once during our regular"What-did-you-do-this-weekend?" Monday morning chats. This one supposedly only lets you stay for one and a half hours because of all of the high-priced items. Lots of crab and lobster I'm told. I personally LOVE the no-ambience converted Sizzler that is now HARVEST buffet in Little Neck. Have you been? Tremendous value, fantastic vegetable varieties.I'm currently trying to get over the fact that St. Mel's doesn't have a center aisle for the big day next year. Don't want o be superfcial and go to St. Andrew's or Luke's over cosmetics do I? What do you think John? See you at mass :)Lisa

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    1. re: Lisa Antinore

      Hey Lisa,
      Great to hear from you. I guess at this point, We should be on either What's My Craving (Get it ? )
      Or, Non Food Stuff, But what the hey.
      That, beleive it or not, Was one of the big decisions Marisa and I made 16 years ago when we jumped in.
      At that time, we had no allegiance to ant Parish, me from Sunnyside - St. Rapheals/Queen of Angels - she- Woodside - St. Sebastians.
      Ended up marrying the best thing that ever happened to me @ St. Andrews. My final answer is do what your HEART tells you.
      Get Ready !