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Aug 11, 2000 11:54 AM


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I was reading about this South African restauant called Madiba in Fort Green area. Has anyone been there?

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  1. I was there in the spring, so my memory of the place is a little old. What I do remember: it's small, homey and friendly, and the food is quite good -- many variations on curry, including 'bunny chow', a coconut milk curry served in a bread bowl, available in meat and veggie varieties. The vegetables were less cooked than in Indian food, and the sauce was uncompromisingly spicy. Huge slabs of quick-raised white bread on the table. We had some undrinkable house wine served in jelly glasses, but everything else was quite enjoyable. If in the neighborhood, I'd go back, but I'm not sure it's worth a long trip. Sorry I can't remember more details.

    BTW - it is right near the SEA/Cambodian place that everybody talks about.

    1. Yes, I've gone there many times. The best thing I've had is quail, which was fabulous -- it's not a regular on the menu, though. Usually I eat the bunny chow or the grilled vegetables, which can actually be really, really good and not boring. There are also a lot of the S. African classics like biltong and bobotie. But it's a bit of a chaotic place, runs out of things on the menu, sometimes the dishes can hit the wrong note or be odd portions, estimates the wait wrong, etc., so go in a mellow, fun, unhurried mood. I have decided that there really is only 1 server in all of Fort Greene, who must run from restaurant to restaurant all night, which is why service is so bad in all the neighborhood spots.