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Aug 10, 2000 09:30 PM

Planet Cobble Hill?

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Someone told me that Planet Thailand (excuse me, that's Plan Eat Thailand) is opening a branch on Court St., in the spot where that health food restaurant whose name escapes me went out of business some time ago -- near Warren St. Can anyone confirm or rebut this? If true, it'll be a welcome addition, says I. Plus, it would be a smart move on their part -- if the food and prices are a match for the W'burg one, it's pretty much guaranteed to do a landslide business.

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  1. thanks for the tip chris - i went and checked it out today - here's what i found

    walked through the wooden construction door and was given a warm greeting by one of the guys inside - he said he was one of the owners and seemed amused that the umpteenth person was coming in to ask if this was *really* going to be another planet thailand. no, he said, it isn't. well, are the owners of pt somehow involved, i said. not exactly, he said. what about the chefs, i asked. we may be hiring some of their kitchen staff, he said. is the food going to be as good and are the prices going to be as cheap, i inquired. yes, he said insistently.

    he thinks it will open in late september or early october - they were still framing the walls inside so take that for what it's worth

    will post a report (as i'm sure many others will) when it opens

    meantime, crepe place down on smith looks to be opening within a week