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Aug 3, 2000 03:28 PM

Korean restaurants besides Kum Gang San

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I was just at Kum Gang San the other night, and the meal was very good as usual. Kal Bi was succulent and delicious, brisket was okay, but not quite as good. Sushi and sides were fresh, or otherwise very good, as the case might warrant. Service was very attentive and friendly; I've never been treated like an ignorant gringo there (even though I am one, to an extent).

Anyway, the point is, I was wondering what everyone else's favorite place for Korean food in Queens may be. I understand this one is pretty popular, and I have no reason to search out anything else, but for the fact that I am curious if anyone has had a marvelous experience anywhere else. I'd hate to miss out. It can be a luxurious restaurant or a hole in the wall type place.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, where exactly is the Arepa lady located? I'm gathering from some of the posts that she is around Roosevelt and the high 70s?


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  1. for full details, read my article at link below


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      Seth Ditchik

      PadoWe House (sp?) on Roosevelt and 161st St. stands out among Flushing Korean joints for delicious, plentiful, and varied panchan (the gratis appitizers before the meal). Certainly worth checking out if you're looking for more than the usual kimchee/mung bean/tofu; we've been served whole steamed fish as panchan there. They also have great sushi. Jim recommends this place in his guide book.

      1. i think jim also recommends fresh tofu though i've never been there myself.

        a while back on this thread i believe, i also posted a list of places that serve korean-chinese food, if you're into that sort of thing. those recs were from my mom. you can search for the thread and the related thread on chinese-influenced korean food here on the hound. it's quite extensive. good luck.


        1. Went to Banny BBQ on Queens Blvd last week. Quite nice, high quality food, meticulously prepared, and as a bonus: Hot wooden coals are brought out and placed in a pit on your table. I liked this place alot.

          I also always liked Woo Chon on Kissena Blvd off Main St. Real homey place with nice staff, but I like Kum Gang San better.

          Never much liked Pado Whae House - the pan chan is plentiful and good, but the, I didn't find it too tasty. Too much characterless white fish.