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Jul 31, 2000 07:25 PM

First time at Pearson's

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Dragged husband and second son to Pearson's Texas Barbecue on Friday, promising them the world according to chowhounds. Did not disappoint. The brisket was fantastic, tender and smoky. I also liked the pulled pork very much. Was not so keen on the ribs, and I agree with someone that the pork ribs are a bit soggy, somehow. But why has no one mentioned the pork beans????? Firm, delicious, full of flavor--I ordered them twice. Also we had a lovely waitress and the bartender switched the TV near us to the Yankee game when he saw my son's David Wells T-shirt. We're ready to go back.

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  1. Finally went to Pearson's for the first time since they re-opened. Was there with my buddy Bob at 4pm today after watching the Mets triumph at Shea. Was very pleasantly surprised...maybe it was luck, or good timing, but everything I had was superior to the old LIC location. The brisket, the chopped chicken BBQ and the pork ribs were all tender, juicy, smoky... everything you want in good BBQ. Bob theorized that they must have a more efficient smoker...the meat tasted so much better. The bar was pretty nice too - I had imagined a rather nasty watering hole after reading the reports, but it was actually nicer than your average Queens bar. And the beer selection is an improvement over the old Pearsons. About the only things I would complain about is that 1) they don't make the spoon pudding anymore and 2) they don't have a backyard with carnivorous feral cats running around. I really really liked that backyard.....