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Can you get Birria in New York?

J Ruchala Jul 30, 2000 10:20 PM

The "what's my craving" left me hanging, so I'm trying my question here:

Does anyone know of a place in the New York area that serves the Latin-American goat dish called birria?

Thanks for any leads.


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    Leslie Brenner RE: J Ruchala Jul 31, 2000 09:25 AM

    They have it in taco form at Tacos Nuevo Mexico in Brooklyn, 274 Fifth Avenue, around 11th Street.

    1. Joe MacBu RE: J Ruchala Jan 28, 2010 12:12 AM

      Bumping this in case the birria scene has improved in the past decade.

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      1. re: Joe MacBu
        Woodside Al RE: Joe MacBu Jan 29, 2010 09:03 AM

        Tia Julia at Roosevelt and 68th has had it recently. Look for the sign stating "birria de chivo" in the window.

        1. re: Woodside Al
          Silverjay RE: Woodside Al Jan 30, 2010 07:10 AM

          I was there last night and they didn't have it. Perhaps it is only available on weekends.?.?.?.

          1. re: Woodside Al
            2slices RE: Woodside Al Jan 30, 2010 07:49 AM

            i saw that sign a couple weeks ago, but when i went for lunch on hursday it was not up.

        2. 2slices RE: J Ruchala Jan 28, 2010 08:17 AM

          It's my favorite taco filling at Coatzingo along with the tongue.

          Taqueria Coatzingo
          76-05 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

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          1. re: 2slices
            Silverjay RE: 2slices Jan 28, 2010 08:40 AM

            I believe at TC it is beef, not goat. I think the menu actually says "birria de res".

            1. re: Silverjay
              2slices RE: Silverjay Jan 28, 2010 08:51 AM

              it does, I wasn't aware of the distinction. Is it the same sauce as goat birria would have? I really love that flavor.

          2. Joe MacBu RE: J Ruchala Jan 30, 2010 08:23 AM

            Is there an actual birreria around here?

            1. f
              francesb RE: J Ruchala Jan 30, 2010 09:45 AM

              Casa Vieja (5th Ave between 60th and 59th) has birria in stew, not taco, form.

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