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Jul 19, 2000 05:41 PM

Best Dim Sum in Flushing

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I am hooked on KB Garden for dim sum in Flushing. The variety and freshness of the dim sum seems to be reflected in the huge crowds that pack the restaurant on weekends. Are there other Flushing restaurants that fellow chowhounds think are better for dim sum?

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  1. Before our circle of friends had children KB was a weekly thing; now mostly for big holiday gatherings since we can all zero in on municipal parking with the babymobiles. Sometimes we go to Silver Pond (?) across from the hosptial on the south end of Main Street because it's quiet and homey.
    We noticed last time we visited KB they've increased the variety of dishes served and added new satellite bars along the kitchen wall, probably offering the broadest selection around(I'm comparing to my experiences with Triple 8 and Golden Unicorn). I enjoy KB's Gnau-bat-yip, which is steamed leaf tripe, and Fun Gohk, a chiew-chow style dumpling with peanuts, coriander and daikon in the filling. Har gau (shrimp dumpling) filling is fresh and "crisp", fried things un-greasy. They make a deep-fried pattie of minced shrimp wrapped in finely shredded taro which I particularly like. Their sweet doufu-fa is also good, although there has been a fellow on Roosevelt Ave. who vends better doufu-fa and you can get it with boiled peanuts, too.
    But my most favorite, lamented and long-departed restaurant was Tsui Garden at the present location of the Sweet and Tart in Flushing (anybody remember?). Lace curtains, small, quiet, read-your-newspaper kind of place that was doing real special stuff like lotus-shaped pastries and special congee for Chinese New Year, individual rice casseroles, etc. The waitresses seemed to have transferred en-masse when KB opened after TG's demise. I think the partners split because I know one went on to open a Japanese place in Manhattan. Some kitchen staff must have gone too, because some KB stuff tastes so familiar.
    We're still friendly with some waitresses at KB and they clue us in when something good hits the carts. On the down side, a bad day at KB is just as bad as any other dim sum palace in NYC, especially for the staple items like chicken feet and shiao-mai. If you don't choose wisely, you can still get that bloaty "too-much-sodium" feeling later in the day. We stay away from the BBQ meats because they are hyper-expensive, and most sweets are throwaways.
    Our present favorite breakfast/brunch place is Sweet-and-Tart. It's real slow in the AM and we bring our toddler daughter along. Nearly everything there is cooked to order and they are very nice about doing congee and rice casseroles without salt or too much seasoning. The waitstaff dote on children in general. They also make what is to me the best turnip cake (lo-bat goh) in NYC, and I love the superfresh watercress and shrimp dumplings and salt-baked chicken. They have a broad selection of sweet soups and bubble teas which were discussed in another thread. If you're a dim-sum addict, you may be put off by their different spin and smaller menu, but for freshness they can't be beat.

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      Thanks Maria. You have confirmed my belief that KB Garden still leads the pack for its variety of dim sum in Flushing, Queens. I will give "Sweet-and-Tart" a try.

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        Try Sun hop shing tea house in nyc for good dim sum or try hay wun loy for dim sum in nyc its on 28-30 pell st

      2. Stan, Maria, and others: I just did a bigyellow search for KB Garden and found nothing. What do those initials stand for? Better yet, where is the restaurant? I'd love to have some dim sum in Flushing on Thursdays around 1 P.M. Is there any place to get dim sum in Flushing within close walking distance of the Main St. 7 train stop (and I mean _close_ walking distance, e.g. 6 blocks or so, because I'm always liable to be exhausted after waking up a 6 A.M. to get to Queensboro before 9) that's better than a noodle soup lunch at Chao Zhou or some other kind of lunch-to-order at any number of other restaurants in that immediate area?

        Also, does everyone still agree that Penang is the best Malaysian restaurant in Flushing? I just located it on my map program and realized that the reason I've never run across it is that I haven't happened to walk north of Roosevelt Av. in a long time.

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          Michael: K.B. Garden is located at 136-28 39th Avenue, between Main Street and Union Street, directly across the street from the large municipal parking lot. Its location is ultra-convenient. Its phone # is (718) 961-9088. Although I'm sure you will enjoy weekday dim sum lunches there, but please try to go at least once on a Sunday morning (largest selection and a true experience!).

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            Stan said it all, but you may like to know that if you go there for an evening meal or function the parking lot directly across from the muni-parking is in use for KB customers, so you might want to mention parking if you make a dinner reservation. PS, I think they're trying to make a "connection" with the King Bun restaurant in HK with the name KB Garden, much the same as if one were to open a "Lespinasse Garden". My Hong-Kong-bred husband would say their dimsum is about a 3.5 on a 1-5 scale and food somewhat better, which is pretty darn good for NY.

            1. re: Maria Eng

              Thanks, Stan and Maria. I won't be in the area in the evening in the foreseeable future, just for lunch. I'll be sure to try it. I ate dim sum lunch last Thursday at Golden Pond, having missed Penang, which is small and unassuming (I noticed it on my walk back to the subway). My lunch there was very good but, as is not unusual, rather fatty (hey, it was my choice to eat the spareribs and stuff), and I ate a little too much. :-0 I'll go back from time to time, judiciously.

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            KB Is the first name of the resturant its called KB GArden its close like 4 blocks from the train its on 39 ave near the 109 presing