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Jul 13, 2000 06:12 PM

New Corners in Brooklyn

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I am going shortly to New Corners in Brooklyn. Any recommendations ?

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  1. We went to New Corners this evening. It turns out to be a very good Italian restaurant in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn. It was packed and I can see why. They offer a delicious four course dinner, with several choices, for only $16.75 on Monday through Thursday.A glass of wine or soda is also included. The service is excellent also.

    1. Good choice of restaurant! New Corner is a favorite of my boyfriend and myself! The ravioli is out of this world and their tiramisu is incredible. Everything they make is top-notch. We have never been disappointed by their food and it is much better than anything that costs three times as much in Manhattan! If you liked this, try La Trattoria on Avenue U.

      1. I go to New Corners practically every Friday night, great food and plenty of it, anything you order is usually good Baked clams are excellent Supa de Mussels (red Sauce) is another excellent appetizer,in fact everything is good, I don;t think you'll be disappointed

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          Are you affiliated with them?