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Jul 13, 2000 03:20 AM

Where do I get the best Ecuadorian Food???

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Does anyone know of a good place to eat ecuadorian food in Queens?

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  1. I can't speak for the 'best' Ecuadorian; but I must say that I ate a most generous, succelent and tasty portion of 'Hornado' at Hornado Ecuatoriano restaraunt on Roosevelt Ave (76-18) for lunch on Sunday.

    The paper flyer-style menu sports a pig running as if his life depended on it, and after tasting the softball sized hunk of tender roasted pork with the crispy skin adorning the top, served over a bed of white rice and accompanied by what (I think) were potato patties, tossed salad and a 1/3 slab of just-ripe Florida Avacados, I could see why pigs would run from here. It was cooked to perfection.

    I also ordered plantains on the side which only added to the sweetness. Ate until my belt could not contain my stomach any longer, then took the rest 'para llevar'. ( For dinner that night, then breakfast and lunch today !). The best part was that the gigantic and very tasty meal was only $10.00!

    I'd definitely recommend the place to anyone; naturally, you should be ready to speak Spanish to order ( I believe that of the over 100 people there- there was a soccer match betweeen Ecuador and Uraguay on Sunday I was most certainly the only one who was not Ecuadorian; and none of the staff who worked with my table spoke much English). The service was friendly and helped me determine what I wanted (everyone's plates looked good- including the lady next to me who ordered a giant slab of fried fish, and my companion who ordered 'Churrasco'- a huge steak topped with two fried eggs and accompanied by french fries and avacado).

    Loved the place so much , I plan to do a little more exploring of the Ecuadorian menus that abound in a two-to three block area on Roosevelt, just up from the E/F train stop.

    Can anyone suggest other 'winner' restaraunts with generous portions of delicious home-style Spanish/Ecuadorian/Columbian/Cuban-inspired foods? There seem to be so many to choose from, it'd be great to have some guidance!