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Jul 12, 2000 10:38 AM

Thai in Astoria

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I had occasion to have lunch in the THAI PAVILION in Astoria and found it quite good. They have an inexpensive lunch menu and for $5.95 I had their vegetable Pad Thai, soup and a salad. The chicken soup was a nice broth, pungently spicey with some fresh mushrooms and pieces of chicken. Pad Thai is Pad Thai and can be quite variable from restaurant to restaurant. Here, I found it most satisfying with a healthy mix of fresh vegetables, noodles, bean sprouts, peanuts and a nice sauce.

I will return for a full dinner and see how that goes. This meal was quite good, I thought. In a borough that seems to have had a decline in good Thai restaurants recently, this might be one to focus on. Thai Pavilion is at 37-10 30th Ave. (between 37th and 38th streets) in Astoria, Queens. Any thoughts on the Thai Pavilion from the Thai experts on this site?

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  1. Haven't been there yet, but I was happy to read your post. I've ben curious about the place - I've been spending a lot of time (way too much) recently visiting the real estate broker next door. (Anybody got a lead on a 2-br rental? Reply directly to my e-mail address.)
    Question to Mike or anyone: Had any other interesting Asian meals in the neighborhood recently? I spotted a Japanese place on Broadway (I think,) just west of the El. Is there anything (besides location) to recommend it?

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      There was a nice review of a new moderately priced Vietnamese place in LIC reviewed by Marie Kim in Newsday this week. We haven't tried it yet but it sounds nice. It's called Quan Ba Mien, 29-14 36 Avenue. We'll post when we try it.

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        Thanks for the tip - I think I passed the place a few weeks ago. The past month has been a whirlwind of trips to Astoria - when will the madness end? It's good to take a timeout and eat some noodles every now and then. (Is 36th Ave near 29th St considered Astoria or LIC? I'm having trouble figuring out where's the line.)

        I posted a link to the article below - a caveat to all, Newsday's web site is very slow to respond.

        As it happens, we tried Thai Pavilion Friday night. Very nice & friendly neighborhood place, the food nicely prepared but unremarkable. Not worth a special trip. The pad Thai I'd give a respectable B-, and we had a steamed bass filet that was plain but exactly what we were in the mood for - nice & light, lemony w/ some minced jalapenos over the top for excitement.