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Jul 11, 2000 08:43 PM


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a BIG thumbs up for this Sheepshead Bay/Emmons Avenue institution. Friendly, informal,all the ambience of McDonalds but great foodat good prices. Their red sauce, which I hadon calmari and mussels-- the best sauce Ihave ever had. I asked if they bottle it andsell it but no luck. The fried soft shell crab:wonderful. Will hafta wait for a future visitto try steamers, crab cakes, scungili, lobster,fried oysters. Wish they had some more freshfish dishes on the menu and a good bouilliabasewould be great. Their chowder is respectable.The lemony/fishy smell of the place ismemorable. No credit cards but an ATMis on the premises.

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  1. Did you ask for their red sauce mild, medium or hot?
    The 'medium' is great but the 'hot' is superb.
    I haven't been there in a couple of years but I do
    remember how great Randazzo's calamari was.
    Their soft shell crab was also wonderful.
    I've never had bad food there. Once I even found a
    large pearl in one of my oysters on the half shell.