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Jun 23, 2000 10:49 PM

a table

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a brief heads-up: a wonderful new(ish)neighborhood bistro in Fort Greene on Lafayette/Adelphi. "A Table" (say it in French), excellent fresh oysters, meules meunieres, gazpacho, home made charcuterie (yummy chopped liver, oops I mean pate), gigot, porc, etc. Outdoor seating on a (sparsely) tree-lined block. BYOB. inexpensive.

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  1. Was there last week & really wanted to like it--the price is nice and the space is pleasant. But I dunno. The oysters--malapeques--were shrivelled and didn't have much flavor, and I had a salad frisee au lardons that was all wrong. First, there was way too much bacon (I can't believe I'm actually writing this, but it was all out of proportion) and even worse, they'd added some kind of blue cheese to the mix. It was much too rich and the funky flavor really threw off the classic balance of slightly bitter frisee, smoky bacon & sour vinaigrette. I left most of it on my plate, which is a first in my life for anything involving bacon. On the plus side, I did have a nicely cooked skate wing in brown butter. I don't want to write them off on the basis of one meal, though, and one of my friends at work, who lives in the neighborhood, is a big fan.

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      I really like roquefort in a country salad! They used to make it that way at a restaurant I worked in, and I never grew tired of it. I almost ordered the salad on my one visit to A Table, but decided on the oysters instead (which were very tasty, if not terribly plump).
      Ultimately, I concede that much of my enjoyment of the meal may have depended on the winning atmosphere.

      1. re: Rachel Hope

        Nothing against blue cheese in salads generally. It's just that in combination with massive quantities of bacon, it's too much.