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Jun 21, 2000 08:42 AM

any reports on the Red Rail on Sackett and Henry

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has any one tried it.

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  1. In a few words, expensive and disappointing. We stopped by for lunch on Fri. It is open only for breakfast and lunch.
    We had the chopped salad, and the tuna salad two glasses of iced tea, for $20. But the salad seemd to be made of the pre-chopped greens that come in commercial bags a smidgeon of avocado, and chopped salami somewhere. But hard to find.

    The tuna salad was heavy on red onion on the same chopped greens, with an awfully strong dressing.

    Portions are ample. But for quality, price seems out of line. And certainly nothing special.

    Haven't tried breakfast. But not encouraged to go out of way.

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    1. re: R Bergen

      I'm not terribly surprised to hear this place is overpriced. The same owners have Uncle Pho, which is distinguished mostly by charging more for faux (pho?) vietnamese than you would imagine possible. (Although the bar there isn't a bad place to hang out.) I stopped by Red Rail last week and one of the owners was talking about how they wanted to bring 3-star quality to brooklyn. Thinking about some 3-star restaurants I have known--Babbo, Chanterelle--I had to laugh. Maybe he meant 3-star prices.

    2. Got to agree with R. Bergen's assessment of Red Rail. Very disappointing. Wells notes that the same folks own Uncle Pho, also disappointing, and perhaps that should have been a harbinger for Red Rail. Instead, I hoped that it would be more like Patois, which the same guys also own. Looks like they let the food do the work at Patois, where I've always enjoyed brunch and dinner and never minded what I paid. With Uncle Pho and Red Rail it seems like they're betting that other attributes will overcome not too good food; the cool bar scene at Uncle Pho and the overtly child-friendly attitude at Red Rail.

      I actually went back a second time and tried something different, just to make sure my first take wasn't a bad day. It wasn't. Don't think I'll be getting up early to give breakfast a test.

      It's doubly disappointing because Red Rail replaced the short-lived T'Moon Grill. Never made it to the formal dining room but I don't think I missed a single one of the superb homemade soups from the "take out" side. The owner was most charming and seemed to care--genuinely--that neighborhood customers liked his food.

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      1. re: Dee

        For what my two cents is worth, I agree that disappointing is the word. (Especially for me, since I live a block away.) I love the way they renovated the old Cammareri's -- the place looks great and feels comfortable -- but foodwise, they don't have it together. A nice neon sign is only so much consolation when the breadbasket is stale and your fried eggs come out rock hard.

      2. We ate there as a large group. The service was terrible. The hygiene was also questionable. One of the waiters was serving iced tea from a pitcher. He was using his hand to sift the ice from the water as he poured!!